Build Your WordPress Website: A Beginners Guide to WordPress (E-Book)

WordPress powers nearly a third of the world’s websites. With tools for everyone from personal bloggers to large corporations, this powerful site builder and content management system aims to make it possible for anyone to create an online presence in minutes. WordPress is flexible, scalable, and always free to use.

In developing WordPress and making it perpetually free, its creators hoped to “democratize publishing” by designing a site building program that could allow anyone to have a voice and presence online.

The features that made WordPress so appealing to bloggers and other kinds of Internet publishers also appealed to a far wider audience, including some of the most prominent companies in the US and around the world. Now, WordPress is the platform of choice for a long list of household names including Sony Music, Variety, Time, Inc. and the Disney Company, along with millions of smaller business and personal sites.

WordPress has made it easy for users to get online—and we are taking it a step further. In Part One of this series we will walk you through choosing your WordPress web hosting and domain name to security and better understanding of the WordPress dashboard. Part Two and Three will review themes and plugins, branding, social media, and SEO.

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Machielle Thomas
Machielle Thomas | Content Manager
Machielle Thomas writes and curates web and email content for marketing professionals, small business owners, bloggers, and more.

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