Introducing Twenty Nineteen

We’ve rolled into the new year excited and ready to continue building WordPress websites. As part of the many upgrades to WordPress, the “Twenty Nineteen,” default theme has been uploaded to the theme directory and integrates with the new block editor seamlessly. This default theme is designed to show off the power of Gutenberg which will give users the ability to familiarize themselves with the blocks.

The versatility of the Twenty Nineteen default theme extends to a wide range of WordPress sites whether you’re an aspiring blogger or running an eCommerce store. Users can also use the default theme to create custom styles of the default blocks that will reflect what they see on their website. Using the Twenty Nineteen to build your site using the blocks is a great way to become familiar with all the dynamic features the new editor offers.

For new WordPress users, this default editor will help with an easy building process because it was designed with the content editor functions in mind. As a free theme, Twenty Nineteen is available to all users and is a perfect addition to anyone’s theme library.

Are you ready to build your site with the Twenty Nineteen theme? Head over to the directory and add this default theme to your library today!

Desiree Johnson
Desiree Johnson | Content Specialist
Desiree Johnson is a Content Specialist at Bluehost where she writes helpful guides and articles, teaches webinars and assists with other marketing and WordPress community work.

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