Over 10 Ways WordPress Supports Blogs

WordPress, the number one platform for blogging, offers many opportunities for bloggers and businesses to design the blog they want. WordPress supports blogs in a variety of ways, including their themes, functionality, and widgets. They make it easy to post, manage your online content, and grow a following with:

Custom themes & domains

WordPress offers more than 1000 themes for blogging, some paid and some free. Whether your blog involves photography, writing, or design, there is a theme available that can highlight what you have to offer.
Themes are responsive—or—mobile-friendly, allowing users with smartphones to easily access your site. According to Search Engine Land, nearly 60% of searches are from mobile devices; making responsive sites a necessity.
Finding your perfect theme is easy with WordPress’ search filters. Need a grid layout? Select it. Need a custom header? Choose that. By selecting what features you need, you can download the appropriate theme to begin building your online presence.
Once you’ve installed your theme, customize it to create the look and feel you want. Whether it’s different colors, photos, or functions, WordPress’ dashboard and administrative tools allow you to develop the blog that works for you and your audience. After choosing a custom theme, you can also choose a custom domain that showcases your personality and adds to the feel of your blog.


WordPress’ administrative features help bloggers get the most out of their posts with:
Content management
Whenever you write and save a post in WordPress, a copy of the post will automatically be saved to your computer’s hard drive. This way, you don’t need to spend an extensive amount of time building a backup—and it’s there just in case there’s ever an issue. They also update whenever you make changes, so no more updating two versions of your content!
Embed content
Whether you’re using your blog to support other content types, or just want to include other types of media, WordPress allows you to embed Youtube videos, Soundcloud audio, tweets, and Instagram photos.
Content accessibility
Categorize and tag content to help make your posts more accessible to readers. You can categorize each post separately, so that people can select a particular tag or category they’re interested in. Post categories can also be used in navigation menus to help visitors find specific topics.
Schedule posts
If you’re a fan of scheduling your content, WordPress allows you to choose a time and date for posting. So rather than setting a notification or a reminder, WordPress can post for you, when you want! Don’t keep your audience waiting, schedule and let WordPress do the rest.
Monitor engagement
WordPress blogs let you see what posts are doing well by managing comments. To keep in touch with which posts have comments, set up comment moderation so they must be approved before they’re visible on your site.
If you have a paid plan, WordPress will help you troubleshoot any issues that you are having with your blog. Their experts can chat with you, or shoot you an email with the answers to your questions. Support is at your fingertips, ready to help if you need it!


If you’ve already built a simple blog and want to increase its functionality, plugins make growing your reach seamless.
Create a social media following
Social media plugins designed for WordPress make sharing your content convenient for people coming to read your posts! For more information about great social media plugins, check out our post.
Build email lists
WordPress is meant to be synced with email programs like Constant Contact so that bloggers can increase their reach to followers’ inboxes.
Optimize SEO
By using a simple plugin, WordPress blogs optimize for interested traffic. Plugins like Yoast make optimizing SEO a breeze.
WordPress offers the best in custom themes and plugin options, making it number one for bloggers looking to grow and increase their reach. Which WordPress feature is your favorite?

 Sophie Newman is a strategist who loves helping entrepreneurs define, position, and grow their brands. She enjoys teaching yoga, blogging marketing on The Orange Slice, and reading fantasy novels.

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