The Blueprint Webinar: 5 Things You Need to Know to Publish in WordPress FAQs

If you joined us for our webinar, ‘The Blueprint: 5 Things You Need to Know to Publish in WordPress”, you may find answers to some of your questions below!

We have compiled some questions that were asked during the webinar for your information below. If you have any additional questions, let us know in the comments!

Q: I would like to change my WordPress name before publishing, how do I do that?

A: You can do that by going to your admin dashboard and following this path: Appearance > Customize > Site Identity

Q: How do I back up my website?

A: There are a number of plugins that can help you do a one-click backup like UpDraftPlus. You click one button and it will backup your site to your preferred cloud account or locally.

Q: Free themes on the site. what about

A: All the Themes available on are available for your own WordPress site if you install the Jetpack plugin

Q: Do I need Jetpack on a .org site?

A: You don’t need Jetpack, but it adds some security and performance tools, access to themes and other features like Contact Forms and simple payment buttons

Q: If changing from free theme to a paid theme do I have to build from scratch or will some of my free theme transfer?

A: Often you need to configure each Theme with different settings, however your content and plugins will stay the same.

Q: Can I title my post categories?

A: Yes, you should title your categories in order for search engines and page visitors to find your content.

Q: Is there a max number of plug ins that we can use per site?

A: Nope! Number of plugins doesn’t necessarily matter. You can have unlimited plugins. Some plugins are lightweight and some plugins can drag down performance

Q: Are all the default themes before Twenty Nineteen compatible w/ Twenty Nineteen?

A: If you created content for a prior yearly theme, that content should remain compatible with Twenty Nineteen.

Q: Are there compatibility problems between Yoast SEO and Google Analytics or Google XML and, if so, how do I resolve it?

A: Yoast SEO handles sitemaps, so I’d recommend using Yoast over a separate Google XML Sitemaps plugin. There also shouldn’t be any issues with Google Analytics and Yoast — I recommend using MonsterInsights.

Q: Can YOU recommend some themes for a multimedia content sharing and community site – videos, audios, pictures, articles, QA, etc?

A: BuddyPress is a “social-network-in-a-box” plugin for WordPress that adds profiles, groups, forums and some basic media sharing. Paired with the rtMedia plugin, it’s a pretty decent solution. There are some premium BuddyPress-compatible themes here. BuddyPress can be a resource-intensive plugin and requires a fairly strong server. Also important to note that caching plugins commonly used to speed up a WordPress site rely on content not changing frequently, so most social network traffic isn’t cacheable and puts more strain on a server than a typical WordPress site or blog.

Q: So what are the reasons for using Elementor over the WordPress editor?

A: The WordPress Block Editor is designed to be a powerful solution for the masses. Despite using plugins and custom blocks to extend the WP Block Editor, it will never offer the fine-grained control available in page builders like Elementor or Beaver Builder. But it also doesn’t need to be an either/or scenario. There may be some simple pages within an Elementor-powered site where it makes sense to use the Block Editor to create and edit content, where more complex pages may make sense to use the deep customization and layout tools available in Elementor.

Q: Will sliders be covered in a webinar?  My sliders are not appearing… sliders on home page — a few words that fade onto page, one line at a time. Sliders, right?

A: I don’t believe we’ll be covering sliders in a future webinar. If sliders aren’t appearing, that’s often a sign there is a JavaScript issue within the Plugin or Theme supplying the slider component, or that another installed Plugin is conflicting with the Plugin/Theme supplying the slider. To troubleshoot this, I suggest using a staging environment to disable Plugins one-by-one and see if the sliders begin working again. If not, I suggest opening a support ticket with the Plugin/Theme supplying the slider.

Q: Can an existing website be imported into WordPress? 

A: Porting an existing website to WordPress can take a few forms. WordPress can import content from Blogger, Movable Type, RSS, Tumblr and other WordPress sites out-of-the-box, however this won’t import the design from the original site. I’d note that often the imported content requires some manual cleaning and reformatting. The site design can be coded into a WordPress theme by a developer or a fresh, new WordPress theme can be applied to display the original site’s content. Any dynamic features like forms will need to be built using an equivalent tool in WordPress.

Q: Where and how to enter keywords to maximize SEO?

A: You enter keywords within your content. You’d want to add it to your alt tags, meta descriptions, blog titles, blog content. about page, etc

Q: Can you have more than one admin on your WordPress site?

A: Yes, you can have multiple admins on a site.

Q: How can I change the color of the font on my site?

A: Appearance > Customize and then based on the theme you use, you would need to find the option for fonts and colors.

Q: Lets say I run a content site on WordPress, users contributing content, videos, pictures, articles, information, etc. Later I decide to move to html, mysql, lamp. How easy is it to migrate the content to new set-up?

A: WordPress has terrific import and export tools. You can get a data export file (basically an RSS file) or export data using the new REST API.

Q: Where do I go to find the best plugins?

A: is a great resource for thoroughly vetted plugins.

Q: What is a child theme?

A: Child Themes let you inherit all of the templates and features of a “Parent Theme,” but lets you extend the theme and make changes, without directly modifying the Parent theme. This is a great option for making a few small template adjustments for your own needs, while maintaining updates to the parent theme, which are often important for performance and security

Q: For Add User, will the Name be seen online by visitors?

A: Once you add a user, you can edit the User and there is a dropdown to change how that name is displayed publicly to visitors — look for “Display name publicly as”.

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