The Top 5 Web Design Mistakes and How You Can Fix Them

It’s that time of year again. You’ve made it through the summer, fall is winding down, the New Year is just around the corner, and you’re thinking about how to spruce up your website for 2014. If you’re a business owner and you’ve been searching for tips on how to improve your website in order to make more sales or increase foot traffic at your brick-and-mortar, look no further. In this article, we’re outlining the top 5 web design mistakes you might have made when you launched your site — and what you can do to fix them.

Bad Font

If you’re still using the same comic sans or papyrus font you picked for your website back in 1998, it’s time to find a font that your visitors will find more readable. Online consumers today move from website to website relatively quickly, and if they land on yours and have a hard time reading your content, they are likely to move on.
What to do about it: Consider using simple, clean, and readable fonts for your site’s content. You should also make it big enough that a user can read it at a comfortable distance from the screen. Your font should also contrast well with the background color so that it’s readable. Dark grey font against a black background might make sense in your head, but you’ll be better off choosing a color combination that is easier for visitors to read.

No Mobile

Research shows that mobile Internet traffic now accounts for fifteen percent of global Internet traffic, where just ten years ago it accounted for less than one percent. If you launched your website and completely left mobile out of the picture, it’s time for an update. Your customers will thank you.
What to do about it: Plan a plan to launch a new website that incorporates responsive design. With responsive design, your site will look great from any computer, browser, or device. If you use WordPress for your website, click here to look at the following responsive design theme options from ThemeForest.

Too Many Colors

Websites with harsh color contrasts or too many colors are ineffective when it comes to keeping visitors interested. If you’ve been getting feedback lately in regards to the colors on your website, or even worse, if your website traffic has been nose-diving, it might be time to update the colors you use.
What to do about it: In order to simplify your web design and keep visitors happy, follow the recommendations below:

  • Try using no more than 2 or 3 colors for your primary design. If you feel like you need to add more texture to your design, use shades of the same three colors. To see a few examples, click here.
  • Use complimentary colors in your design. To experiment with different complimentary color combinations, click here.
  • Use color psychology. Think about what kind of emotion do you want your brand to convey. To learn more about how your website colors can influence purchasing decisions, click here.

No Call-To-Actions

According to Hubspot, “CTAs are what motivate and direct your visitors to take a desired action. They bridge the gap between anonymous website visitors and marketable leads.” Effective call-to-action messaging incorporated throughout your website can have a big impact on sales and brand recognition. If you aren’t using any call-to-action buttons or messaging on your site, you’re not helping your customers understand what they should do once they land on your site.
What to do about it: Work with your marketing team to start developing more strategic CTAs for your website. Keep in mind: you can create call-to-actions that send people to:

  • Product pages
  • Free ebook or offer pages
  • Email subscription signup pages
  • Event registration pages

Copied Competition

If when you were designing your website, you copied a competitor’s already-existing website completely, it’s time for a revamp. Not only does your similar website cause confusion for your consumers, your site is likely not as good as the original site you took ideas from. Online consumers today are looking for originality and authenticity when deciding which brands and companies to buy from. If your website isn’t original, start making a website re-launch plan.
What to do about it: Work with your team to develop a new, original website for your business. Keep your online communities and customer base informed about the upcoming changes with fun marketing and promotional material (countdowns, first looks, etc.). if you plan to completely overhaul your website, make sure your new website is:

  • Responsive
  • Simple, and easy to read
  • Pleasing to look at
  • Easy to use
  • Socially integrated

What other common mistakes have you noticed businesses making lately? Leave a comment for us below.

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