How to Write Winning Email Copy

How to Write Winning Email CopyEmail marketing is one of the most effective things you can do to reach customers. Once you have built a solid email list, you are well on your way, but before you press “send” on your first email blast, you may want to reconsider. Email marketing is effective, but there is technique involved when it comes to writing effective email copy. Writing marketing emails to clients and customers is not the same thing as writing emails to family and friends or other individuals. Here are some tips on how you can write winning email copy.

Include an Attention-Grabbing Subject Line

Your subject line must be clear and catchy. Make sure your audience can determine what your email will be about based on the subject line alone, and then try to add a shocking or humorous element to pique their interest and get them to open it. Let them know right away that this email will benefit or interest them so they want to open it to find out more. Avoid subject lines such as “Wanted to share…” or “Wanted to say hi.”

Keep it Short

No one wants to read a novel of an email. Keep your ideas concise and focus in order to keep the attention of your intended readers. Keep your copy to three short paragraphs: an introduction, valuable information, and a call to action. Summarize your main message and if you have more information about the subject on your website or in a blog post, you can link to it, but keep your actual email copy short. Add bullet points and bold font for key phrases to make your email scan able while remaining effective. Most readers do not want to spend much time on their inbox, so making your message clear even without reading it thoroughly is crucial.

Personalize When Possible

No one likes to feel like they received an email that a hundred other people also received. Insert their name and depending on how much time you have to research and develop your email based on the size of your mailing list, include a sentence about the person you are reaching. If you are using a template that automatically fills in the information for each contact, make sure you have the proper information filled in for all fields and make sure their name is spelled correctly.

Keep the Email Simple

You may be tempted to add images, graphics, and banners to your email, but try to keep it as simple as possible so you don’t set of your recipients’ spam detectors. Emails that are difficult to load or seem too spammy will be sent straight to the trash. Keep your email minimal with not much more than a header that includes your logo (for relevancy purposes) and a creative signature.


Your customers may not be incredibly picky about correct grammar, but email copy with spelling mistakes, misuse of punctuation, or strange syntax is distracting and will give you negative credibility points no matter what you business is. Even if writing is not a huge part of your business model, creating quality copy is absolutely necessary for a successful email marketing campaign. If writing isn’t your strong suit, hire a freelance or contract writer to do the job well for you.

Create a Clear, Singular Call to Action

You may be tempted to throw every pitch you have in your email copy, but make sure you have a singular focus. Draw attention to your call to action several times but make sure your message is clear: you want them to take advantage of this one deal, you want them to buy this specific product, or you want them to follow this social media page. Asking too much will turn off your customers or muddle your message. Make your point and stick to it. You can create a different call to action in your next email.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Create a sense of urgency for your call to action so your email doesn’t get lost in your recipients’ inbox. Create a limited time offer, tell them the deal is only available to the first x-number of customers, or create a giveaway incentive that will be drawn in the near future. Get them to engage with your call to action immediately and send a reminder email about the offer the day before their time is up.

List the Benefits of the Product or Service You Are Trying to Sell

You may be tempted to list all the cool features, but in reality the potential customers reading your email only want to know what’s in it for them. Share how much money they can save, how much time they can save, and how much better their lives can be if they follow through with your call to action. Keep in mind that most readers will be skimming this email so make clear bullet points of the benefits and place emphasis on the top three.
How do you create winning email copy for your business? Share your tips in the comments section below for what technique give you the best results.

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