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    Bluehost and WordPress have worked closely since 2005 to create a hosting platform ideal for running WordPress websites.

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We believe in WordPress and partner with them to give back to the open source community. We sponsor WordCamps worldwide, dedicate two engineers to full-time WordPress CORE development, and much more.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source platform that makes it easy to build a website. With a simple interface, countless free plugins and themes, and a vibrant community, it’s no wonder 20% of all websites in existence rely on it.

  • Versatile

    A full-blown content management system (CMS), WordPress can power e-commerce stores, small business websites, personal blogs and more.

  • Easy-to-use

    You don’t need to know code to use WordPress. Professional themes and plugins make it easy to create great-looking, full-featured websites fast.

  • Popular

    With a vast community of developers and designers using WordPress, advice, tips, guidance, and inspiration are always just a search away.

  • Web-friendly

    WordPress is built on standard-friendly code to be optimized for speed and SEO right out of the box.

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