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Application Scanning

What is it?

Application scanning will verify the applications you have installed on your website against known vulnerabilities. Applications that are outdated or no longer receiving updates pose a security risk. Hackers will find ways to exploit obsolete applications. However, publishers will update their applications with newer versions, which you should upgrade in order to stay safe. We verify your version against catalogs of vulnerabilities to ensure you are running safe software on your site.

What is the impact?

The impacts of this type of attack are wide-ranging, as it depends a great deal on the type of application. For most web applications, the vulnerabilities are likely to be Cross-Site Scripting or SQL injection.

How does SiteLock protect me?

SiteLock's scanners identify applications you have installed and which version you have. We compare that to industry and proprietary lists to determine the security of your installation. If we discover a vulnerability in our testing, we immediately report it to you and help you upgrade and secure your site.

What can I do about it?

Make sure any applications you use are kept up-to-date and limit the use of third-party plugins where possible as they can be a source of many issues and may be updated less frequently or created by unscrupulous publishers. Use a website scanning service that includes Application vulnerability scans, such as SiteLock.

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