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How to Delete Emails in Bulk

Managing a cluttered email inbox, especially with unwanted messages, can be a real challenge. This guide offers simple steps to efficiently delete emails using cPanel, a popular web hosting control panel. Following these instructions will help you keep your inbox organized, save space, and improve your email management. You can use webmail to quickly delete all emails in a specific folder of your account or delete all email-related files using the control panel.

Deleting Emails by Folder in Roundcube

  1. Log in to your Bluehost account manager.
  2. Click the cPanel Email tab from the side navigation.
    Account manager cPanel email
  3. Click Email Accounts.
    Email accounts under cPanel email
  4. Click Continue.
    cPanel email email accounts continue button
  5. In the Email Accounts section, click Check Email to access the email account.
    cPanel check email
  6. Once you're signed in. Select the folder you wish to remove all the emails from.
  7. At the bottom of the panel, click Select.
    cPanel select all email
  8. On the drop-down, choose All.
    Select All choice
  9. At the top of the inbox, choose Delete.
    Delete icon

Deleting Emails from the Control Panel

To delete all the emails in an email account without the use of a webmail account, you can delete the email account and recreate it in your control panel. This deletes all of the emails on the server for that email account.

  1. Log in to your Bluehost account manager.
  2. Click the cPanel Email tab from the side navigation.
    cPanel email in account manager
  3. Click Email Accounts.
    cPanel email accounts
  4. Click Continue.
    cPanel email accounts continue button
  5. Click Manage to the right of the appropriate email account.
    cPanel email manage
  6. Scroll down and click Delete Email Account.
    Delete email account button
  7. To recreate the email, Go back to the Email Accounts page and select Create.
    cPanel email create email
  8. Recreate the email account using the same username.
    Create an email account section

To manage your email inbox using cPanel, it's important to know how to delete multiple emails efficiently. Doing this can help you maintain an organized inbox and focus on the messages that matter. For more tips on how to optimize your email management, take a look at our article on email account management.

Additional Tips for Email Management

To minimize clutter and enhance your inbox's efficiency, follow these tips:

  • Create filters and rules. Automate your email sorting and deletion process by setting up filters and rules. Most email clients offer the ability to create rules that automatically move emails to designated folders based on criteria like the sender, subject line, or keywords. This not only helps in organizing your inbox but can also be configured to delete emails from known spam sources or promotional campaigns you're no longer interested in. For example, you could create a rule that immediately deletes all emails containing the word "sale" or "newsletter" if you find these unhelpful.
  • Conduct regular maintenance. Dedicate a few minutes each day or a set time each week to review and clean up your emails. This regular maintenance can help prevent the buildup of unnecessary emails, which will make the task of bulk deletion less intimidating or tiring. Additionally, when you take the time to archive important emails and delete what you no longer need, you'll keep your inbox manageable and improve your overall productivity.

How to Avoid Accumulating Unwanted Emails

Managing your inbox effectively includes preventing unwanted emails from accumulating in the first place. Adopt these strategies to keep your inbox clutter-free:

  • Unsubscribe from newsletters. One of the quickest ways to reduce inbox clutter is by unsubscribing from newsletters and promotional emails that you no longer read or need. Most newsletters include an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. Take a few seconds to unsubscribe from these so you can significantly decrease the volume of incoming emails.
  • Using multiple email addresses. Consider having separate email addresses for different aspects of your life. For example, use one email address for personal correspondence, another for work-related emails, and a third for subscriptions and online shopping. This separation can help keep your primary inbox free from clutter and makes it easier for you to focus on emails that need your immediate attention. It also simplifies the process of identifying and deleting bulk emails since promotional and subscription-based emails are confined to a specific account.


Mastering the art of deleting emails in bulk is important for maintaining an efficient and organized email management system. This ensures that your inbox remains clutter-free and manageable. By incorporating practices such as regular inbox maintenance, utilizing filters and rules to automatically sort and dispose of unwanted emails, and strategically employing multiple email accounts to segregate different types of correspondence, you can significantly enhance your email efficiency. Adopting these proactive strategies not only streamlines your email management process but also contributes to a more focused and less stressful digital environment.

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