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Jetpack Plan Cost Comparison

You have probably seen the Jetpack plugin before, as it is one of the premier plugins created by Automattic, the team that designed WordPress.com. Jetpack gives WordPress sites a powerful boost, with features that streamline the management and performance of your site. As a plugin, Jetpack brings some of the essential features of WordPress.com to your self-hosted WordPress sites - a single solution for some of the most needed functions of any website. No matter where you host your WordPress site, you can use Jetpack - all you need is a free WordPress.com account to connect it to.

Jetpack has a ton of powerful free features to add functionality to a customer's site. And Jetpack’s paid plans add access to many more options for boosting a site’s reach and performance. In a general sense, Jetpack provides Essential Security and Performance for WordPress.

Jetpack Services

Jetpack - Essential Security and Performance for WordPress

Build integrity by keeping unwanted spam off your site and malicious files off your server with Jetpack Anti-spam and Malware Scanning. Get real-time backups with no storage limits and one-click restores. It increases engagement with hundreds of premium themes and clastic-powered Searches.

Keep your site in business.

Proven Security and performance tools make sure your site stays fast, online, and hack-free, so visitors keep coming back.

Key Features

Jetpack provides powerful tools for security, backups, performance, analytics, design, and marketing that help Bluehost deliver additional value to all customers. These features are built for WordPress users specifically and can be enabled individually to create tailored solutions for every individual site. Let’s go over some of the most popular features Jetpack has to offer!

Features Overview
Keep your site secureWordPress-specific anti-spam, malware scanning, and even real-time backups by WordPress experts.
Make it fastLightning-fast photo and video delivery for your WordPress website.
Grow your audienceWith High-powered and relevant search results and scheduled social sharing at your fingertips.
Expert SupportAll Jetpack users, including those on the free tier, have access to expert support! In addition, all Jetpack paid plans to offer priority support as well, which means you’ll receive responses more quickly - especially in the unlikely case of an emergency.

Jetpack Plans

Monthly Price$3.50$9.00$29.00
12 Month Term$39.50$99.00$299.00
Site-Specific BackupsDailyDailyReal-time
Archive30 Days30 DaysUnlimited
Storage SizeUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Automated Site Restores30 DaysUnlimitedUnlimited
Malware Scanning DailyDaily/On-demand
Auto-fixes UnlimitedUnlimited
Form and Comment Anti-spamYESYESYES
Unlimited Photo and Video Hosting YESYES
Elastic Search  YES
Premium Theme  YES
Scheduled social sharing YESYES
Live Content Preview: Google, Facebook, Twitter YESYES
Easy Payment Buttons  YESYES
WordAds network access YESYES

Jetpack Features

Let’s go through some of Jetpack’s key features. We’ll start with the Personal Plan all the way to Jetpack Professional. Jetpack’s WordPress.com integration lets you manage all your Jetpack-connected sites in one place and with one login and offers the convenience of automatic plugin updates.

If you’re design-minded, you have several handy tools to make your site look great, like an extensive library of tried-and-tested WordPress.com themes and a mobile-optimized layout if your theme isn’t responsive. There is also a wide range of widgets, sidebar options, new ways to embed content straight into your posts, and custom comment and contact forms.

One of Jetpack’s flagship features is Photon, our image CDN (content delivery network). It caches a site’s images for faster delivery to readers. The CDN is also the backbone for Jetpack’s popular photo layout options, like tiled-mosaic galleries and slideshows. In addition, we offer several Social sharing and SEO tools so you can gain insight into your audience and expand the reach of your site.

Start with a full suite of stats. You can dive into data about unique visitors and pageviews, as well as visitors’ geographic locations. Check out these stats across different timeframes, from days to years. Jetpack gives you sharing buttons for posts and pages and automatically shares your new posts to your connected social media accounts to grow your readership. You can also set up a subscription tool to send your followers email notifications of new posts.

Three paid plans to add even more tools for specific audiences: Personal, Premium, and Professional.

Jetpack Personal Plan
The Personal plan includes all the features we’ve already mentioned and adds backups and spam protection. Jetpack takes daily snapshots of your site’s content and stores it on secure servers -- if you’re ever hacked, or your host has a server failure, you can smoothly restore the site to working order with a single click. Jetpack’s spam protection works quietly in the background, scanning all comments and contact form submissions and automatically filters the spam out.
Jetpack Premium Plan
The Jetpack Premium plan builds on the Personal plan with several more powerful features. You’ll get 13GB of storage for your video content and enjoy even greater peace of mind with daily malware scans on your site’s files. This plan also gives you the power to re-share published posts on social media, as well as to schedule your social messages in advance.
Jetpack Professional Plan
The Professional plan goes even further, with unlimited video hosting, real-time backups, and on-demand malware and security scans. It also features advanced SEO tools, giving you greater control over your metadata and live previews for how your site will look in search engine results. This plan also unlocks our built-in tool to set up Google Analytics, which adds advanced reporting and tracking on top of your Jetpack stats.

For more advanced users, Jetpack offers built-in tools to quickly verify your site with search engines like Google and Bing and platforms like Pinterest. It also generates sitemaps for search engines, so they can find and index your content more easily. On the security front, Jetpack includes brute-force protection, downtime monitoring, and a single-sign-on option that allows you to log in using your WordPress.com account. For extra safety, you can set up two-factor authentication.

Finally, all Jetpack plans include expert support from our team of Happiness Engineers. In addition, paid plans receive priority support, with access to Live Chat and email support requests.

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