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How to Access and Configure Raw Access Logs in cPanel

Raw access logs provide a way to track who has visited your website without using any visual aids. You can access and configure raw access logs using the Raw Access icon in cPanel, which downloads a zipped version of the server's raw access log. This is a valuable tool for quickly identifying who is accessing your site.

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Find Raw Access Logs in cPanel

Below are instructions on how to access and download raw access logs in cPanel:

  1. Log in to your Bluehost Account Manager.
  2. Click the Hosting tab from the side navigation menu to the left.
    Hosting tab in Bluehost account manager
  3. Go to Quick Links and click the CPANEL button.
    cPANEL button under Quick Links
  4. Under the Metrics section, click Raw Access. You can now view website access logs in cPanel.
    Raw Access icon under Metrics
  5. Click the domain/subdomain from Download Current Raw Access Logs.
  6. Open the log from your device and unzip the file to view it. Use a text editor to open the log and view it.

Configure Raw Access Logs

In the Configure Logs section, you can archive logs automatically in cPanel. You can also set up logs to be automatically deleted at a specified time.

  • Tick the first checkbox to compress and archive log files to your home directory (/home/username/logs) after the system processes your website’s statistics. By default, the system will process your website statistics every 24 hours.
    checkbox to enable raw access log archiving in cPanel
  • Check the second box to remove the last month's logs at the end of every month.
    Remove the previous month’s archived logs from your home directory at the end of the month checkbox

Save your changes by clicking Save.


Raw access logs help track website visitors without visual aids. They can be accessed and downloaded in cPanel by clicking the Raw Access icon. You can also configure logs to be archived and deleted automatically.

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