Why the Bluehost Control Panel?

At Bluehost, we work hard to provide our customers with a powerful yet easy-to-manage hosting service. That’s why we’ve designed our control panel to be as comprehensive as possible while still making it simple and easy to use. While our control panel is built on the popular cPanel product, we’ve completely customized and enhanced it so that our interface is truly unique from any other you’ve seen or used before. We’ve tailored it to our customers, anticipating their needs and keeping them in mind with everything we do. Keep reading to learn about the features that make our meticulously designed control panel special. Want to take a look at it yourself? Kick the tires with a demo account here!

Single Sign-On and Complete Integration

While most hosting companies require multiple logins to access different aspects of your account, Bluehost users are able to access everything they need through one simple login. Log in to your control panel to manage everything in one place including your websites, email, domains, billing and more.

For example, with other hosting providers, you have to log in separately to access your web builders, and again to access your email, and yet again to access your billing apps, and on and on. In addition, any third party applications or add-ons that you choose to use to enhance your hosting account, such as SSL certificates or security software, have to be purchased and used in yet another login-required location. With Bluehost, everything is integrated into your control panel for easy access. You can purchase, enable, and manage everything you need for your website and hosting account in one place without multiple logins. Even apps that have their own control panels, such as CloudFlare, can be seamlessly accessed in your Bluehost control panel. While this feature may seem like a no-brainer, it’s actually quite unique and custom built by our development team.

Helpful Resources and Features

We know that setting up a new account can seem overwhelming, so we’ve provided quick access to the most common tools you need to get started. When you log in to your account, you’ll be asked if you’re ready to get started on your own using our helpful resources or get started with help from our team. Whether you choose to tackle it yourself or get help from one of our experts, you’ll have all the help and information you need to successfully set up your new account.

Newbies and veterans alike will find that navigating the control panel is easy.  Under the “Home” and “Hosting” tabs you’ll see a simplified menu with clearly labeled rows for easy navigation. Here you can use all of the “Getting Started” tools including tutorials and videos or just go ahead and jump in to our “Main Features” where you can set up email, install the most popular open source apps, manage your files, and manage your domains.

Domains Made Easy

We’ve engineered this section of our control panel so you can do anything and everything with domains through the “Domain Manager.” Within this app, you can register, assign, redirect, and transfer domains. You can also set renewal options, add contact information, set privacy options, view nameservers or add a custom nameserver, get the transfer EPP code, and lock the domain. There are a lot of things to keep track of when managing domains, but with our user-friendly layout, it’s easy to keep everything straight.


Email is a big part of all of our lives, especially if you host and manage a website. Which is why we made sure our email manager was easily accessible with all of your other hosting tools – right inside your control panel. You can add email accounts, access and manage them, all without having to log out and then log in to webmail. You can also manage your spam settings to make sure your email is clean and secure.

Seamless Upgrades

We make it painless to quickly upgrade to more powerful servers as you grow. Step up to shared pro, VPS or dedicated in minutes from right inside your control panel. You can even schedule your upgrade so everything happens on your time table.
With other hosts, when you move from shared hosting to VPS or dedicated, your control panel gets a lot more complicated and those without advanced technical skills will find themselves facing a big learning curve. We’ve designed our VPS and dedicated control panels to be accessible to everyone, making it as powerful yet user-friendly as our shared hosting control panel with just a few additional features. In addition to the comprehensive and easy-to-use features offered in the shared hosting control panel, you’ll have the ability to start, stop and reboot your server, manage IPs and even add SAN storage, CPU cores and RAM to your hosting package.

Multiple Accounts, One Login

Need more than one hosting account? With the Bluehost control panel, you can have multiple hosting accounts with one login to access them all. This is a fairly new feature that is pretty rare among hosting providers, and one that we built special for our customers. There are several reasons why you might need more than one hosting account, as opposed to hosting multiple websites under one account, which you can also do. Multiple accounts come in handy if you’re managing more than one substantial business and need to keep things separate. Web developers and designers often get separate accounts for their clients so they can work on their sites and keep their accounts separate from their own and from other clients’. Maybe you have a site that does just fine on a shared server, but need a VPS account for your larger site. The possibilities are endless with multiple accounts, and it’s easy to keep things simple yet highly organized with Bluehost. Switch between accounts and manage them effortlessly without ever having to log out. 

Always Getting Better

Possibly one of the most unique things about the Bluehost control panel is that it’s never stagnant. Our team is working constantly to find ways to make our customers’ lives easier and always improving our products. The control panel is a part of that. We’re always coming up with new ways to enhance it and take the Bluehost experience to the next level, while still keeping things simple and easy to use.
Take advantage of all our unique control panel has to offer and simplify your hosting experience by managing your websites, domains, emails, files, and more, all from one central location. Get started today at bluehost.com.

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