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Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting Prices

VPS Hosting - With cPanel

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a server that runs multiple independent virtual machines, each of which act like a small dedicated server. With a VPS, you will have full control over what happens on that server, without having to pay for the full price of an entire dedicated server. This also means that you will have to manage much more of what happens on that server on your own. 

Our VPS solutions are built on powerful cloud technology, using our enhanced cPanel environment with full root access to CentOS. With our KVM hypervisor virtualization, the resources you purchase are guaranteed to always be available.

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CPU (Cores)DualDualTripleQuad
CPU (Ghz)
RAM (GB)2468
RAM (ECC)YesYesYesYes
RAM (Mhz)1600160016001600
SAN Storage30 GB60 GB90 GB120 GB
Monthly Network Bandwidth*1 TB2 TB2 TB3 TB
Free Domains1111
cPanel & WHM with RootYesYesYesYes
Dedicated IP1222
Monthly Price$29.99$59.99$89.99$119.99
3 Month Term$29.99$59.99$89.99$119.99
6 Month Term$29.99$59.99$89.99$119.99
12 Month Term$29.99$59.99$89.99$119.99

Domain Names and Domain Privacy

A good domain name is the first step in helping people find your website or websites. You can create multiple domains to direct to the same site, or you can use them for additional websites.

We are required to publicly list contact information for every domain owner in a Whois database. This makes it easy for anyone to find and contact the owner of a domain name, including scam artists, hackers, and identity thieves. By enabling Domain Name Privacy we will mask your personal info with our own. You still own your domain name, but your personal information won’t be publicly displayed.

TLD (Extension)Yearly PriceDomain Privacy
.us$15.99     -

Dedicated IP

Additional IP (IPv4) addresses that can be used with your VPS account, on either the main cPanel user or any additional cPanel accounts on this VPS server.

IP AddressesMonthly Price