Automatic Online Backups with Site Backup and Restore

Safeguard your site with Automatic Online Backups!
  • Automatically restores lost files
  • Provides version control
  • Downloads files to a .zip archive
Automatic Backups
Site Backup and Restore tool automatically makes a daily backup copy of your site to help protect you from data loss.
Quick and Easy
Downloading lost files with the Site Backup and Restore tool is simple - there are only three steps to recovering your files!
Daily, Weekly & Monthly
Recover files from long, medium, and short term backup archives, giving you a greater chance of finding the version you are looking for, instead of multiple copies of the same version.
Recover Single or Multiple Files
Quickly select individual files or groups of files and folders you want to recover. Why replace your entire site when you only need to restore a few specific files?
One-click Restore
Restore files automatically by replacing current files with the backed up versions. Browse or search to find exactly the files you want to restore.
Download .ZIP Archives of files
For further security, you may download a backup of your files to your desktop; this allows for instant, offline access to your files.
Restore Databases and Tables!
Easily restore MySQL databases. You can even select individual tables to restore. Sleep better at night knowing you can recover your database in an emergency.