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Verification is a fraud prevention procedure we utilize for all of our customers when a hosting account is first purchased. This process is fully automated but, in rare cases, may require human action. Suppose there is evidence that an account may have been created using stolen information. In that case, we reach out to the customer to ask a few security questions using the contact information provided at signup. Once we confirm the account as legitimate, we unlock the new hosting account to give full access to additional features, domains, and upgrades. If we discover a purchase was not authorized, we can then more easily reverse any illegitimate charges. This also empowers individuals to proactively address the possibility that their information is compromised. They can contact financial institutions to prevent further abuse and avoid potential fees and headaches.

If, in any case, that you received a verification error when doing particular actions on your account, it would be best to speak with a Bluehost representative. You may call us at 888-401-4678 or feel free to chat with us so that we can proceed with the account verification right away.

For information on Domain verification, please see Domain WhoIs Update and Verification.