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New SiteLock Dashboard: FAQ


The SiteLock Dashboard places the power of cybersecurity in your hands. Our simple, intuitive platform provides you with essential details about the security status of your website(s). It also delivers real-time insights into website health and product performance to help you maintain a well-maintained security posture. You can easily manage account details, drill down into product performance, and get access to 24/7 support with just a few clicks away.

Q: What is the New SiteLock Dashboard?

A: The New SiteLock Dashboard is a multilingual platform that brings about instant notification of any security threats. It also provides real-time information, including scan summaries, traffic analysis, remediation advice, and other support options.

Within the New SiteLock Dashboard, you can quickly and intuitively understand the health and security of your domain(s). In addition, you will also receive specific performance details related to active products and easily manage your services, all inside a single platform.


Q: Why did you change the SiteLock Dashboard?

A: The New SiteLock Dashboard has always empowered users, like you, to manage your account, products and obtain important security-related information regarding your website(s) through the convenience of a single platform.

The newest version of the SiteLock Dashboard is now even more intuitive to navigate. In addition, it offers enhanced product details to help support a good security posture. Its updated visual layout also helps to understand website health and product performance easily. Combined with 24/7 access to our SiteLock Support Team, the new SiteLock Dashboard delivers more value than ever before.


Q: What information does the SiteLock Dashboard include?

A: The SiteLock Dashboard provides you with a comprehensive visual summary of your account and all services/solutions, including:

  • Product Details
  • Account Details
  • Billing Information
  • Scan Summaries
  • Real-time notifications and security alerts
  • Traffic analysis
  • Remediation advice


Q: What exactly has changed?

A: The newest version of the SiteLock Dashboard still contains all the same product, the account, and the support information you are familiar with. But with the updated and more intuitive visual design, it now has increased streamlined navigation, user-friendliness, and improved overall experience and satisfaction. This new dashboard layout will better support the addition of future SiteLock product offerings.


Q: Are there new features or functionality?

A: Although there aren’t any new features or functionality within the new dashboard, several enhancements have improved the overall user experience. These enhancements include:

  • The ability to “drill down” into product cards for more detailed run-down of security information, including backup quota usage, scan dates, custom scan statistics, and a list of Web Application Firewall (WAF) features.
  • The separation between account-level and site-level subscriptions, which provides a more intuitive overview of customer subscriptions.
  • New layout, visual design, and color palette to simplify navigation:
    • Language - Dashboard language is specific to user login. The Language selection from the top bar is now moved to the Settings menu.
    • Messages – Messages have moved from the top bar to the main navigation on the left side of the screen.
    • Trust Seal - Trust Seal has moved from the top bar to the “Domain Statistics” section of the dashboard. If you manage Trust Seal on multiple sites, you can change the domain using the Smart dropdown in this section.
    • Security Summary Report – The Security Summary Report has moved from the top bar to the “Domain Statistics” section. If you manage multiple sites, you can change the domain using the Smart dropdown in this section.
    • Logout - Logout has been moved from the top bar to the bottom-left of the main navigation.


Q: What is the “Max Risk Score?”

A: If you have SiteLock Risk Score included in your subscription, you will see the highest risk score across all your account’s domains highlighted at the top of the dashboard with an icon called “Max Risk Score.” This allows you to see if SiteLock has identified any of your sites to be at-risk in a quick glance.


Q: How is the Risk Score calculated?

A: The SiteLock Risk Score is a proprietary and predictive model used to determine a website’s likelihood of compromise.
The Risk Score looks at three main categories to determine risk:

  1. Website complexity - or the size of your website, whether you use a database to store customer information.
  2. Site popularity - like traffic and social media presence.
  3. Site composition - or the software used to build your site. SiteLock then looks at over 500 different website variables to calculate your risk score on a low, medium, and high scale.
    • Low-risk score means your site is likely to be compromised as the average website.
    • Medium-risk score means your site is six times more likely to be compromised than the average website.
    • Finally, a High-risk score indicates the risk is 12 times more likely than the average website.


Q: How often is the information in my dashboard updated?

A: The SiteLock Dashboard provides real-time information on the status of your account, including subscriptions.


Q: What are future changes planned for the SiteLock Dashboard?

A: We are an organization that continues to grow, and as we expand our product portfolio, we will continue to add powerful and more in-depth features and functionality.


If you have further questions or inquiries, please contact us at 844-589-5312 and select option 2 for support. Our professional security specialists will be more than happy to assist you.