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In the growing world of website hacks and data breaches, website owners seek trusted providers who can help reduce the risk of cyber threats to their websites. However, with so many security products and services available on the internet, it can be stressful to determine the best solution for a website. 

Bluehost and SiteLock are here to provide users with peace of mind with an all-encompassing security solution to keep their site protected from the worst internet threats.

Bluehost has partnered with SiteLock to help protect the website and visitor information from critical attacks that can come from hackers, viruses, spam, and malware. This automated malware detection and removal service help users by allowing them to select the levels of protection needed for their websites.

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Bluehost + SiteLock

Bluehost will offer several SiteLock packages that will assist in automated malware detection, removal, and prevention through CDN/WAF services. Packages will include external malware scans, automated malware removal, a security dashboard, blacklist monitoring, and more. 

These features will benefit a site by scanning daily for malware and vulnerabilities, keeping your business accessible for visitors, and automatically removing threats. 

Users can boost credibility and trust with visitors who exchange private information by keeping enhanced security features on their websites. Protecting your website information and visitor information has never been easier.

Users who run malware scans from their customer dashboards will receive weekly performance reports from their security scans. 

Bluehost will also provide customers with leading CDN/WAF to improve load times and intercept traffic that prevents DDos attacks and stop hackers from injecting malicious code on a website. 

Here’s the complete list of Bluehost SiteLock features depending on the plan you choose: 

  • Malware detection
  • Malware Removal
  • External scan
  • SiteLock Security Seal
  • Google Blacklist monitoring
  • 24/7/365 Phone and Email Support
  • Database Scanning
  • Response Time
  • Weekly Scan Report
  • Advanced Firewall Security
  • SMART/Patch
  • Pages scanned for malware
  • SMART File-Level Malware Scanning
  • Scan Frequency
  • Website Acceleration (CDN

Keeping your site safe, secure, and running smoothly has become easier with SiteLock security and Cloudflare CDN, which instantly provides 24/7 website monitoring upon installation.

Bluehost and SiteLock are ready to protect your website from all cyber threats and create an accessible solution to understanding website security.

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