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How to Change the WordPress URL

The Site URL is like the address where all your WordPress files are stored. It tells WordPress where to look for things like themes, plugins, and media files. On the other hand, the Home URL is the actual web address people type in to visit your website. It's what appears in the address bar of your browser.

There are a few reasons you might need to change your Site URL or Home URL. For instance, if you have moved your WordPress site or plan to move to a new domain or directory, you'll need to update these URLs to reflect the new location. Similarly, if you're setting up a staging site or testing your website on a different server, you may need to adjust the URLs accordingly.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of changing your Site URL and Home URL in WordPress, ensuring that your website remains accessible and functional with the updated configurations.

Note: Changing the Site or Home URL settings does not move the site. The addresses must be the correct address to reach your site or content. If either of these needs to be set correctly, you may break your site. For more information on moving your WordPress website to another directory within your hosting account, please refer to WordPress: Move Site to New Directory.

What is a Site URL and a Home URL in WordPress, and what is the difference?

  • The Site URL is your "WordPress address". This is where all of your WordPress core files are stored.
  • The Home URL is your actual website address or URL. The website address or URL must be typed into a web browser to access your website.

Access The Settings Panel

  1. Log in to your BRAND Account Manager.
  2. Once logged in, find and click the Hosting tab on the left side of your Account Manager dashboard.
  3. Choose the Hosting Package name you want to manage under the All My Hosting Packages section. 
    • If you have multiple Hosting packages on your account, click the MANAGE button on the Hosting package you want to manage.
    • If you only have a single Hosting package on your account, you will be rerouted to the Hosting Overview page.
  4. Please choose the desired WordPress site by clicking the link provided under the Site column.

Change the Site URL

The Site URL is the address visitors type into their browser to view your site. You may want to update this if you have recently moved your site.

  1. Click on the Settings tab beneath it. You will find the Domain Name & Site URL. Click on Change to proceed with modifying it.
  2. After clicking on "Change," you will have the option to either connect a domain name or utilize a temporary domain. Once you have entered the new domain name, click Continue to proceed.

The site URL is now set in the WordPress database. You can review your site and make sure the site works correctly.

Change the Home & Site URL in WordPress

In case you are unable to access your Bluehost account or prefer to update it directly in your WordPress dashboard, you have the option to update the Home and Site URL settings directly on your WordPress site.

  1. Click the Settings link on the left side.
  2. Select the General tab.
  3. Enter the new WordPress and Site Address URL. It is important to note that you should enter the exact address unless you want your site's homepage to differ from the directory where your WordPress installation is located.
  4. Once you're done, scroll down at the bottom and hit Save Changes.

The site URL is now set in the WordPress database. You can review your site and make sure the site works correctly.

For Advanced WordPress Users: How to Manually Change Your Domain Name in WordPress — Home and Site URL in phpMyAdmin Database

Would you like to manually update the domain name in WordPress? This involves making advanced changes to your database, knowledge of such functions like phpmyadmin and wp-config file is recommended.

For instructions how to change your Site URL and Home URL using phpMyAdmin follow Bluehost's guide:
How to Manually Change Your Domain Name in WordPress
Pro Tip — Make A Backup Before You Start: In addition to making sure all your website components are up to date, such as any scripts, WordPress theme, and plugins you use.

Keep your website data and files protected in the event of accidents, data loss, injections, and hackers. Make sure you have a daily full backup of your website files and databases, or create a full backup of your website (files and databases) for easy restoration.


To ensure your website properly loads, make sure your Site URL and Home URL in WordPress are correct. If you have changed a domain name or moved your WordPress website, temporarily modifying the Site URL and Home URL can help with the transition while you perform tasks like migrating your website.

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