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Getting CodeGuard Set Up for Backups

Configuring CodeGuard's First Backup

To begin, you will need:

  • Website URL
  • Hostname/IP address
  • SFTP/FTP username
  • SFTP/FTP password
  • Port number

Once you have gathered this information:

  1. Log in to the CodeGuard account.
  2. Click the Add FTP/SFTP Website
  3. Enter the credentials you gathered earlier in their corresponding box. 
  4. Once credentials have been entered, click the Test Website Connection button.

    Tip! If the credentials you entered are correct, you will be brought to the next step.

  5. To select which files are backed up, check the box next to the directory you would like to be the root directory.

    We recommend choosing the directory that contains all files you would like backed up. Keep in mind that any new files/folders added to your root directory in the future will be added to your backups.

  6. Once a folder has been selected, click Select Root Directory.
  7. Scroll down to the next section to select the content that you would like backed up.
  8. To select everything inside the designated root directory, simply click the checkbox next to the root directory. Selecting any folder will automatically include its entire contents. 
  9. Click Begin First Backup to start backing files up.
  10. Once the website backup has begun, you will be prompted to add a database.
  11. Click the Add Database Now button, then enter your database hostname or IP Address to test the connection.
  12. Click the Next Step button. 
  13. If you receive a notification that IPs are not whitelisted, you can disregard it for now.
  14. Click Next Step. This screen will check firewalls. 
  15. Make sure all IP Addresses are listed, then click Next Step.
  16. You will be asked to enter database credentials. Add the database username and password, and click Next Step.
  17. Add any other databases the customer wishes to have backed up, then click NextStep.

Congratulations! The first scan has been set up. You can return to the Dashboard to monitor progress at any time.

For further assistance, you may contact our Chat Support or Phone Support via 888-401-4678. You may also refer to our Knowledge Base articles to help answer common questions and guide you through various setup, configuration, and troubleshooting steps.