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How To Cancel My Hosting Account

We understand that building and growing an online presence can be challenging. If you have questions about your website or your hosting service, call us anytime at 888-401-4678, we're ready to help. If it's time to cancel, review the following renewal policy and cancellation instructions.

Your Bluehost services will automatically renew once your current term expires. You have the flexibility to deactivate the automatic renewal of your hosting services at your convenience. Should you disable automatic renewal, your hosting services will stay operational until your current term concludes. For instructions on how to disable automatic renewal, refer to our guide on Managing Renewal Options. If you've already been charged for the upcoming term but wish to avoid renewal, please contact us at 888-401-4678 (for US customers only) or contact our Chat Support.

Before proceeding with the cancellation, verifying that you possess reliable local backups is crucial. After your services are disabled, any data stored on the server will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered. 

If you are a new customer who has purchased hosting services and is seeking a refund under our money-back guarantee policy, you must contact us within the initial 30 days of your purchase. It's important to understand that the money-back guarantee typically excludes many supplementary items, like domains, because of their distinctive pricing framework. To contact us, call 888-401-4678 (for US customers only) or use our Chat Support. Before making contact, make sure of the following: 

  • You have your token readily accessible.
  • The email address in your account's Profile section is up-to-date and accurate. 

For a comprehensive understanding of our money-back guarantee's terms and conditions, kindly review our Terms of Service