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phpBB Themes


A standard installation includes the subSilver style, which is, of course, a wonderful style. It can happen you would want to install one of the excellent other styles available. Read this post if you want to know-how.

  1. Download the style(s) of your choice from the styles download page.
  2. Unpack the zip(s) and place the files in their own directory, then upload that directory to the /public_html/your_phpBB_directory/templates/ directory inside your phpBB2 directory.

    Note: Make sure that the folder has exactly the same name (case sensitive) as the cfg and css file.

  3. Go to your administration control panel.
  4. Under styles admin, click on the link add.
  5. You will find a list of styles that are present in the templates/ directory, but that hasn't been installed on your forum.
  6. You will see an install link behind every style, then click it to install the style.

They are now available for users or for you to set as the default style in general admin => configuration

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