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SiteLock: Free Scan

SiteLock Lite is being added to all new hosting accounts. SiteLock Free Scans provides you with a free malware scanner that searches for malware by scanning the sitemap of your website for infections.

Benefits of a Free SiteLock Scan

  • Early Detection - You'll receive an immediate email alert if malware is detected.
  • Avoid Blacklists - With early detection, you can act promptly to remove the malware and keep clear of search engine blacklists.

SiteLock Free Scan is, as the name suggests, a free product with great benefits. Still, upgrading to SiteLock Essentials, Prevent, or Prevent Plus will give you additional security and peace of mind:

Features of SiteLock Essentials, Prevent, or Prevent Plus

Note: All of the following features are available with Prevent Plus plans. For specifics on what features each plan includes, please see How to Order SiteLock.

  • Daily Malware Detection Scan
  • File Change Monitoring
  • Database Malware Removal
  • Targeted Attack Blocking
  • Malicious Bot Protection
  • Reputation Management (business, phone number, spam, SSL, domain, or postal mail verification)
  • SiteLock CDN or Web Application Firewall
  • PCI Scanning
  • CMS Vulnerability Scanning & Patching


Q: Will this cause my site to run slow?

A: SiteLock Free Scan runs only for 15-20 seconds/day and doesn’t have any material impact on your website during the scanning period.


Q: Can I cancel the scan?

A: You can cancel the Product from your Bluehost account whenever you want.

We are here to help!

For more details, you may contact us via Chat or Phone:

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  • Phone Support - 888-401-4678

You can also refer to our Knowledge Base articles to help answer common questions and guide you through various setup, configuration, and troubleshooting steps.

SiteLock has released its 2020 Annual Security Review. Kindly visit our article by clicking here. It will show you what they protect you from.