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Troubleshooting: Email not Being Delivered from Forwarder

Forwarded email marked as Spam

The main problem when forwarding emails (SPAM or not SPAM) is it can be marked as SPAM at any provider depending on the provider's SPAM settings. This can be problematic if any provider receives large amounts of email that they consider SPAM.

One of the best options is to use POP3 to check the email in the 3rd party email program rather than use a Forwarder.

If forwarded mail is still preferred, follow these steps (these steps will be different with other services):

  1. Log in to the free service.
  2. Look for a section that will allow the marking of emails or provide actions.
  3. Choose Filter Message and then select the box to never mark these messages as spam.

Changing MX records can also fix this issue. See Updating DNS for more information.