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How to Fix Forwarded Emails Going to Spam

With email forwarding, you can send a copy of any incoming email from one email address to another. For example, you can forward [email protected] to [email protected] so that you only have one inbox to check. For instructions on how to set up email forwarders, visit the article: "How To Create An Email Forwarder Alias - What Is Email Forwarder Alias?".

The main problem when forwarding emails (spam or not spam) is that any provider can mark them as spam, depending on their spam settings. This can be problematic if providers receive large amounts of emails they consider spam.

Why are Forwarded Emails Going to Spam?

When using email forwarders, the email is sent unchanged, including the email header. Email headers are the first data point that email security software checks.

It's important to remember that spam filters evaluate each email and assign it a score based on its origin and content. Words, phrases, and sender addresses commonly used by spammers can raise the spam score. An email is identified as spam when it exceeds the mail server's spam threshold.

Every forwarded email can have some "incorrect" information in the header, which increases the chance of the email being flagged as spam. As a result, each forwarded email is more likely to be marked as spam.

What to Do if Forwarded Emails Go to Spam

One of the best options is to use POP3 to check the email in the third-party email program rather than a Forwarder.

If forwarded mail is still preferred, follow the steps below (these steps will differ with other services). Ensure that you have both SPF and DKIM in place. A strong DMARC record should also be set up. It is recommended to use a 'reject' or 'quarantine' DMARC as some mail clients may interpret a 'none' DMARC as having no DMARC at all.

  1. Log in to the free service.
  2. Look for a section that will allow the marking of emails or provide actions.
  3. Choose Filter Message and then select the box to never mark these messages as spam.

For detailed instructions, you can refer to your email provider's support document:

Note: Changing MX records can also fix this issue. To understand why updating the MX records can help, check out How To Edit MX Records.


If forwarded emails are being marked as spam, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the issue. To prevent forwarded emails from being marked as spam, it is recommended that you use POP3 to check the email in a third-party email program. Additionally, make sure that both SPF and DKIM are in place. Having a strong DMARC record set up is also important. You can also try changing the MX records if you're still having issues.

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