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Domain Privacy Protection .us Domain

Due to a Registry policy we cannot offer privacy for .us domains. On August 1, 2008 we were required by the .us Registry to remove privacy on all .us domains.

WHOIS Privacy and .us Domain Names

The WHOIS database shows my personal information for my .us domain names. How do I get privacy for the .us domain?

The .US Registry policy for Registrars states the following:

"No registrar, nor any of its resellers, affiliates, partners and/or contractors shall be permitted to offer anonymous or proxy domain name registration services which prevent the Registry from having and displaying the true and accurate data elements contained in Section 3.3 for any Registered Name." (http://www.neustar.us/us-privacy-statement-v-2/)

A gentle warning: The .us Registry does check the WHOIS information for your domain. If you omit or falsify the WHOIS information they will issue you a warning. If your domain does not come into compliance they will seize your domain and you get no refund.

For full information regarding the requirements for registrants of .us domain names, please visit this link: https://www.about.us/

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Due to Registry policies, privacy protection services cannot be offered for .us domains. Since August 1, 2008, the .us Registry mandated the removal of privacy from all .us domain registrations, prohibiting registrars from providing anonymous or proxy registration services. This policy ensures that the WHOIS database accurately displays the registrant's true and correct information. Non-compliance with these regulations, such as providing false WHOIS information, may lead to domain seizure without a refund. For detailed requirements regarding .us domain name registrations, it's advised to consult the official .us domain guidelines. This restriction highlights the importance of understanding the specific policies associated with .us domain names. This ensures registrants remain informed about their obligations and the limitations on privacy protection.

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