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WordPress: Reset your Password with phpMyAdmin

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This article explains how to reset a lost WordPress password using phpMyAdmin.

It is highly recommended that you back up your database before continuing if you don't know how to, please read How to Backup a MySQL Database.

What You Need

To perform this task, you will need the following items.

  1. The name of your WordPress database - If you aren't sure, please see How to find your WordPress Database.
  2. Your Bluehost cPanel username and password

Access phpMyAdmin

These steps explain how to access phpMyAdmin.

  1. Log in to your Bluehost Account Manager.
  2. Click the Hosting tab from the side navigation menu to the left.
  3. Scroll down to click the CPANEL button under Quick Links.
  4. Under the Database section, select phpMyAdmin.
  5. From the list of databases, select the database for your WordPress site.

Enter a New Password

These steps explain how to change the password in the database.

  1. On the left side of your screen, you should be able to see the table list. But sometimes, you still need to expand each individual database to be able to see the tables. You can do so by clicking the sign until the _users table shows up.

    Note: In our example, the table prefix is "ce8_" the prefix varies from site to site, so don't worry if yours is different.

  2. After clicking the _ user's table, options will pop up to the right.
  3. Click the edit button next to the user you want to set the password for.
  4. Enter the new password into the password box in the user_pass line.
  5. In the function drop-down box next to the password, choose MD5.
  6. Click Go

The password has been reset. You can now log in to WordPress with your new password.

To learn about resetting your password, please see Password Reset.

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You may also refer to our Knowledge Base articles to help answer common questions and guide you through various setup, configuration, and troubleshooting steps.

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