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Password Reset


Passwords are almost as hard to keep track of as car keys, and here, at Bluehost, you will use quite a few of them! This article will go over how to reset the password for your various systems and services so that you don't get locked out.

Keep in mind, once your password has been reset, you may need to clear your cache and cookies to force your browser to stop trying to authenticate with the old password.

If you have trouble logging in after successfully resetting a password, please see How to Clear your Browser's Cache and Cookies.

Account Password

Whether you've forgotten your password or just want to change it, this article will walk you through updating the password used to log in to your Bluehost account.

Email Password

You can easily change the password for an email account. If you know the password, you are able to change the password through webmail. If you do not know the password, you will need to update the password in the cPanel. This article will explain how to do both.

Microsoft 365 Password

To reset a Microsoft 365 user's password, a temporary password will need to be generated. This article explains how to request a temporary password, log in, and reset it.

WHM (Root) Password

To log in to WHM, you will need to have first created a Root password. This article will explain how to set the Root password and then how to log in to WHM.

cPanel Password

The password for cPanel will be the same password used to log into your account. For help accessing the account, you can review:

FTP Password

If you are having trouble connecting to your hosting account via FTP, reset your password in the FTP Manager. You will need to be logged into your account to do this. This article will walk you through doing so:

File Directory Password

The easiest method of password protecting a single file on your hosting account is to first password protect the directory which contains that file. This can be done using the Password Protect Directory tool in your cPanel. This article will show you how to manually password-protect a directory (folder) on your account.

MySQL Password

There are a few different cases where you may need to reset a database password. Passwords can be reset for the main MySQL user or for other individual users. The main MySQL user is primarily used to login to phpMyAdmin; however, it can also be used in database connection scripts. If you are using the main MySQL username to connect to a database, you will need to change the MySQL user password and update the password in your script. If you need to reset the main MySQL password, please see:

WordPress Password

If you have lost or forgotten the password for your WordPress installation, you can request a reset from the wp-admin login page. If you don't have access to or are not sure what email address is associated with the installation, you can reset the password from within the database. This article will explain how to update a WordPress password through a database:

Joomla Password

If you need to reset the password for a Joomla installation and don't have access to the User Manager, you can regain access by updating the password through the database. This article will walk you through how to reset the password for your Joomla account using phpMyAdmin.

osCommerce Password

OSCommerce does not have an easy-to-use Password Reset tool. Instead, you will need to remove the existing administrator account and then create a new one. This article will explain how to do so from within the database.

Resold Account Password

If you are a reseller and need to reset the password for a resold account, you can either update the password yourself or force a password reset email to be generated for your client. If you would like to force a client to reset their password, please see:

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