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Adding a Blog Post in WordPress

A blog or website updated is great for keeping current followers engaged and attract new visitors to the blog.

How to Add a Blog Post in WordPress

In your WordPress Dashboard this shows you how to add a blog post in WordPress.

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  1. To access your WordPress Dashboard, you first need to log in.
  2. Go to Posts on the left side on the navigation menu.
  3. Select Add New.
  4. Use the screen provided to create your post as desired.
  5. Enter a title — Give your blog post a name.
  6. Next Add your content — Add content for the new blog post. You can add images, color, links (called hyperlinks) and so much more!
  7. Click Publish when you are done creating your post. The post will display on the blogging page of your website.

How to Change Where Your Posts Get Published

Your posts will always publish on your blog page. This will show you can change where your posts are published, and designate which page is your blog page, based on your needs for the website or blog.

  1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Go to Settings left side on the navigation menu.
  3. Select the Reading option.
  4. Modify or confirm what is being displayed on your front page.
    • Your Latest Posts: This is the default setting. Your home page displays your blog posts.
    • A Static Page: This will swap out your home (blog) page for a static page and instead display blog posts on the static page.

      Important: Do not have your 'home page' and 'posts page' be the same page as required by WordPress.

  5. Click Save Changes.

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You can always check out WordPress.org and browse their codex or online help forums.


Add a blog post or publish an existing post is a great way to keep a blog or website up to date to your viewers. When you add a blog post or edit a blog post, the information can help your SEO and potentially increase visitors, increase visibility, and drive traffic to your blog or website. With a few easy clicks from your computer or mobile phone, you can add a blog post or edit a blog post. For more info and tips on blogging check out our blogs How to Make Money Blogging: Blog Monetization Tips for 2024, How to Write and Publish Your First Blog Post in 10 Steps, and BluehostIs WordPress Only for Blogs?.

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