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How to Add Websites with Maestro

Currently, your Maestro dashboard only allows you to house sites you host on Bluehost.

It’s likely that for each site you currently manage on Bluehost, you either created a separate hosting account yourself, or your clients purchased the hosting and shared their account credentials with you.

To safeguard the security of each account holder on Bluehost, we require that you be authorized to access a WordPress site through your Maestro account. Read on to understand how this works.

How to Add Websites

First - add a client
You can only add a WordPress site under an existing client on your dashboard. Learn how you can add a client here.

Add a WordPress site under the client
Once you have added your client, you can add sites under this client in two ways -
  1. From the dashboard directly - Click on +Add WP Site against that client
  2. From the client’s details view - Click on the client name on the dashboard to go their details view. Here, you can click on +Add WP Site
On clicking + Add WP Site simply enter the site’s URL.

Get securely authorized to access and manage this site
Once you enter the site’s URL, a unique link will be generated.

Share this link with your Bluehost client for approval, so that you may get access to their WordPress site’s WP Admin.

For security reasons, this link will live for 72 hours. On accessing this link, your client will be required to log in to their Bluehost hosting account where they will see a request made by you. To help them identify you, your name and registered email of your Maestro account will be shown to them. Here, they can either approve or reject your request.

This is what they will see upon successful login, and if the site belongs to their Bluehost account:

If your client does not accept your request in 72 hours, you can always re-generate the link from your Maestro account.

How to Manage Websites

When you add WordPress sites to your Maestro account, you need to get authorized by the site owner on Bluehost.

To get authorized, you need to send a secure link to the site owner. Learn how you can get authorized (Please add link to the ‘How to add site’ KB article here)

From the time you generate the link and get approved, you will notice these statuses against each site:

  • Approval Pending: This is the default status you see as soon as you add a website under a client. This means that the action is now pending on the client to accept or reject your request. To get their approval, you need to send them the secure link that is generated and is valid for 72 hours.
  • Approved: You will see this status when a client logs into their Bluehost account to approve your request. They can do this by accessing the secure link you send them. Once approved, you will be able to securely log in to the site’s WP Admin in a single click.
  • Rejected: The site will display this status when the client rejects your request to manage their WordPress site.
  • Revoked: If a client revokes your access after having granted it previously, you will see this status against that site. If you see this status, you will no longer be able to log in to the site’s WP Admin.
  • Secure Link Expired: Any link generated is valid only for 72 hours. If you generate a secure link, and the client takes no action within 72 hours of generation, you will see this status. The old link will no longer work. To get access to the site, please generate another link by following the same steps.

In order to gain access to the WP Admin of a WordPress site on Bluehost, you need to be authorized by the owner of that site. To do this, a secure link is provided to you when you add a site URL in your Maestro dashboard.

This link lives only for 72 hours, and if the site owner (i.e. the Bluehost hosting account holder) does not take any action to approve or reject your request within this time, this link will expire.

In the event this happens, you can always regenerate another unique link for this site.

In your Maestro account, navigate to the client under who you have added this site. You will be able to see the status Secure Link expired against that site. To regenerate the link, simply click on Regenerate Link.

You will be presented with a fresh link that you can send to your client on Bluehost for authorization.

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