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What are the Spotlight Awards?

The Spotlight Awards are designed to showcase what can be built with Bluehost and WordPress. Share your website with the world and get the recognition you deserve.

Entry period for the Spotlight Awards runs September 23, 2019 7:00 AM MST through October 8, 2019 9:00 AM MST. Winners announced on November 6, 2019!


2nd Place Winner

2nd Place Winner

$500 gift card

1-year Shared Basic Hosting Plan

Grand Prize - Top Overall Site

Grand Prize - Top Overall Site

$1,500 gift card

1-year Shared Basic Hosting Plan

1 WordCamp of choice ($1250 credit towards one of four camps) New York, Phoenix, Atlanta, St. Louis

3rd Place Winner

3rd Place Winner

$250 gift card

1-year Shared Basic Hosting Plan

2019 Grand Prize Winner

2019 Grand Prize Winner - tedisarah.com

In 2013 Tedi had a chance encounter at the grocery store that led her to adopt a more plant-based and cruelty–free lifestyle. She was so inspired by everything she learned about the benefits of a plant–based diet for our health, our planet, and animals, that she wanted to share it with the world. Her blog is all about spreading good around the world and trying to live each day a little more kind, gentle, happy, and healthy.

Winner - Tedi Rappaport

Tedi Rappaport - tedisarah.com

Before I launched tedisarah.com I set up an initial phone call with Bluehost to go over my questions about starting a website and the representative I spoke to was not only knowledgeable, but also kind, and genuinely interested in hearing about my new blog. I felt supported and excited to officially go live. Every time I've had questions since then Bluehost has consistently been helpful, knowledgeable, and kind.

Spotlight Runners–Up

Runner-up 1 - Doug Marranci

2nd runner–up

Doug Marranci

Runner-up 2 - Jess Darrington

3rd runner–up

Jess Darrington


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a Bluehost customer to enter the Spotlight Awards?

Yes, these awards are designed to spotlight the websites of Bluehost customers.

Does my website have to be built with WordPress?

Yes, while we understand that there are hundreds of platforms that can be used to build a website, we would like to showcase what can be built through WordPress.

When will I hear from Bluehost after I submit my website for the Spotlight Awards?

We will reach out to the winners the last week in October. A public announcement of the winners will be made November 6, 2019.