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FTP - General FTP Settings


The files for your main website will need to be uploaded to the public_html folder. To see how to publish your site to an Addon Domain, please see FTP for Addon Domains.

General FTP information

The best way to upload your website is via FTP. This can be done in a number of different ways using many different FTP clients. Every client needs 4 things:

  1. Domain name or IP Address: Will be used in the "FTP address" field.
  2. Username: Same as cPanel or the FTP account created.
  3. Password: The password you set up to go with the cPanel or FTP username.
  4. Port: Port 21.

Note: The Main Domain and Username can be found in the General Information section, on the right-hand side, of your control panel. The Password is the same as your control panel password.


Application-Specific Settings

The following articles are instructions for recommended FTP applications.



Linux Based

For more information on FTP Clients, please see Recommended FTP Applications. Also, to set up your FTP account, please read How to Create an FTP Account to learn more.

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