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Skip the learning curve and get an efficient start to your WordPress experience, including dashboard walkthroughs, account setup, and more; a full-featured WordPress orientation.

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Leverage the guidance of WordPress experts to ensure your site utilizes the best possible WordPress theme relative not only to your website's purpose, but also your own style.

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Our WordPress setup service even helps you avoid the hassle and uncertainty of plugin selection and installation. We'll make sure you've got the best plugins for your website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blue Flash?

For all Bluehost customers looking to leverage the power and flexibility of WordPress but aren't sure how to get started, Bluehost provides a free service that assists with getting started on the right track. Blue Flash is designed to help each customer with getting familiar with both the Bluehost and WordPress dashboard, as well as help customers select the correct theme and plugins for their website needs. You will work with trained WordPress experts to learn the basic elements of WordPress so that you can start building your ideal website quickly and correctly.

How does Blue Flash help me select the right theme?

Working with your Blue Flash specialist is often completed over the phone. The WordPress expert will talk to you about the purpose of your website and what you hope to accomplish with it. Then the WordPress expert will align with you on common WordPress themes that are best suited for your websites type. For example, if you are running a eCommerce website, the specialist will demonstrate common eCommerce themes for you to choose from. Or if your website is a photography portfolio, the WordPress expert will assist you with selecting the theme that best fits your style.

How does Blue Flash help me select the right plugin?

Depending on what functionality you want your website to have, our WordPress experts will walk you through a variety of options and recommend plugins that are stable and secure. There are many plugins available for WordPress users, Blue Flash helps you narrow down which ones are right for your website by working with you directly and showing you how to navigate the plugin marketplace while also providing consultation on which plugins are proven to be effective.

How do I contact Blue Flash?

After creating a Bluehost account, simply contact our 24/7 support team via 888-401-4678 and ask to begin your Blue Flash call. All Bluehost support representatives have been trained on the best practices for getting started with WordPress, and will be able to assist with navigating the Bluehost and WordPress dashboards, as well as assist you with selecting the right themes and plugins for your WordPress website.

What if I need more WordPress support?

In addition to providing free 24/7 customer support for Bluehost account related issues, Bluehost also offers advanced WordPress support called Blue Sky. This service is designed to help you with detailed WordPress questions once your website is live and visible to visitors. From editing, customizing, and managing themes, to assistance with growing your traffic and optimizing the content on your website, Blue Sky provides more in-depth WordPress assistance than Blue Flash. For $99/month, Blue Sky support is perfect for anyone who wants a team of WordPress experts always on call even after their website has launched. Learn more about Blue Sky Support here.