With Pro Design Live, expert WordPress help is always in reach.

Adding Pro Design Live support to your hosting account puts a seasoned team by your side, helping you build and grow your website and improve your skills in WordPress.

WHY Pro Design Live?

With Pro Design Live you’re never on your own.

Pro Design Live is your expert team. We’re here when you need us to provide information, guidance and value, before and after you launch.

Long-Term Value

We’re not just here to help launch your site, we’re in it with you for the long haul.

Expert Advice

Ask questions as they come up or reach out regularly for maintenance tips or to brainstorm.

Here When It Counts

Get good advice in the moment with quick answers via live chat, email or phone, M-F.

Pro Design Live is your WordPress
secret weapon.

Build confidence

Use Pro Design Live to overcome unexpected problems so you can launch and grow the site you want.

Skip the research

Our experts can advise you on the best themes and plugins, as well as a roadmap for your site.

Keep improving

Lean on our knowledge to
optimize your site’s SEO,
marketing, security and more.

Pair your hosting with the perfect amount of guidance.

Add Pro Design Live support to your hosting plan to get the WordPress help you need, right when you need it.

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Pro Design Live BASIC

Get fast answers and expert recommendations

1VAT not included

1GST not included

Pro Design Live PLUS

Learn more WordPress skills to solve issues faster

1VAT not included

1GST not included


Pro Design Live PREMIUM

Tackle advanced features and keep learning as you go

1VAT not included

1GST not included

Put the expertise of Pro Design Live in your corner.

International calling fees may apply

Want all of the awesome with none of the work?

Let Bluehost's full-service website experts build and help maintain your entire site for you under your direction.


What is Pro Design Live?

Pro Design Live (formerly Bluesky) support offers industry-leading WordPress expert support. If you're getting started with WordPress we help with the basics, such as selecting a theme, making simple edits or setting up a contact form. If your WordPress site is up and running, we'll help you reach its full potential.

How do I get started with Pro Design Live?

As you start a WordPress site, Pro Design Live has different ways to interact with our WordPress experts. For simple questions, Pro Design Basic provides email support. If your WordPress setup needs more help, Pro Design Live Premium has a WordPress expert to provide phone support, along with additional tools. Get started by choosing your plan from the Bluehost Marketplace in your customer dashboard.

Why Should I chose Pro Design Live support?

As a premiere WordPress setup service, our in-house WordPress developers contribute directly to the WordPress core code. We have years of experience building and hosting WordPress websites plus a team of highly-trained WordPress experts. Bluehost has been recommended by WordPress.org since 2005

What's included with Pro Design Live Premium?

Pro Design Live Pro provides the best in WordPress premium support. Our teams help you build your site and optimize it for mobile, SEO, and landing page performance. Please note: While we're able to assist with optimizations related to WordPress themes and plugins, the Pro Design Live team does not assist with custom coding (HTML, CSS, etc.).

How do I contact a Pro Design Live support?

Get quick answers via live chat, email, and over the phone depending on your plan. With a Bluehost account, you can access your Pro Design Live portal directly from your dashboard.

Let’s build your site together.

Call our experts to get started at 844-815-8968.