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Once your new Bluehost account is created, WordPress will be automatically install in a matter of seconds. Installation is hassle free and secure.

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Once your new Bluehost account is set up, you'll have WordPress up and running in a matter of minutes. Installation is hassle free and takes just a single click.

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Enjoy all your favorite Google apps, perfectly integrated with your account. Harness the power of Gmail, secure online storage, and more.

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There's a theme for that - that's the WordPress way. From online stores to blooming blogs to stunning portfolios, it's no secret that your particular needs are covered when it comes to finding the right style solution for your unique website. With literally thousands of free and premium templates to browse on our Marketplace, you can find your perfect match and customize it to perfection from there.

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Our exclusive technology gives you the proven performance, reliability, and functionality you need out of your WordPress site.

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WordPress Support

Our experts know WordPress better than anyone else and are always available to help you out.

Automatic Installation

WordPress is securely installed for you. Start building your dream site the moment you are logged into your account.

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WordPress Tools

Access all your accounts, users, themes, plugins, backups, and settings from a single location

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