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SiteLock: Setting up FTP

This article explains how to set up a SiteLock FTP account. You must first create an FTP account for SiteLock to use. Then give SiteLock the settings for the FTP Account.

Creating an FTP Account

These steps will explain how to create the FTP account for SiteLock.

  1. Under the hosting tab, click the FTP link.
  2. On the FTP Manager, fill out the form to create a new FTP account.
    • Login: This will be the login used by SiteLock. Please note it always includes @yourdomain.com at the end of the username.
    • Password: This will be the password used by SiteLock.
    • Directory: This will be the directory of the website you have set up for SiteLock. If it is your main site, you can use public_html. If it is an addon domain, you need to use the directory path to the addon domain.
    • Quota: You can leave this set to be unlimited for SiteLock.
  3. After the form is filled out, click the Create FTP Account button.

Connecting SiteLock to the FTP Account

To connect SiteLock to the FTP account, you need to go to your SiteLock dashboard and enter the FTP settings.

  1. Open the Addons option.
  2. Click on SiteLock.
  3. On the SiteLock page, click on View SiteLock Dashboard.
  4. In the SiteLock Dashboard, click on the Settings link on the left.
    Sitelock - Settings
  5. Click on Download Settings.
    Sitelock - Download Settings
  6. Enter the information for your FTP Account:
    • Method for File Transfers: FTP
    • FTP host address: ftp.yourdomain.com Example: If your domain were example.com, you would use ftp.example.com.
    • (S)FTP Port Number: 21
    • Root Directory: Leave this empty.
    • User ID: The FTP username you created, including the @domain.com ending.
    • Password: The password for the FTP account you created.
    • Select a speed for FTP file downloads: Leave this at the default.
    • Maximum Download Time: 90
  7. Click Submit.