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Are you looking at creating a blog, website or an online store? Bluehost has something for everyone. Get started today.

A Premium theme template can be a simple solution to building a beautiful, professional website without spending a lot of money. Whether it’s an eCommerce store or a simple blog, we have over 800 premium WordPress themes to choose from.

Check the Marketplace for Your Perfect Premium Theme

It’s simple — find a theme you like, read over the theme details (be sure the theme offers the functionality and features you need), then select ‘Live Preview’ to see the theme in action. From here, you can see what theme demo templates are included with the theme and also get a feel for the possibilities when it’s time to design your own website. 

Below are a few theme demo templates included with one of our top-selling themes, Creativo. Creativo is a multipurpose theme, meaning it comes with a variety of theme demo templates to choose from. 

Maybe you don’t need multiple template options, and are looking for a simple niche theme, no problem. You can use the category filters to search for WordPress themes that fit your specific criteria. 

Overwhelmed By Options?

There are a lot of themes to choose from, but don’t worry — we have you covered. The Bluehost certified themes filter makes it easy to narrow down your search. This filter allows you to browse premium theme templates that are recommended and vetted by our team. Once you have checked the box next to Bluehost Certified, you can then choose a category to narrow down your search even more.

Autoinstallation Makes It Easy

As an added bonus, Bluehost will auto-install your premium WordPress theme files directly to your WordPress account. After you purchase your premium theme, you will be prompted with a ‘Go To Theme Installation’ button. If you are not quite ready, you can select ‘Skip for Now’ and manually download your themes files at a later time.

Theme Files vs Demo Content

Whether you choose to install your theme files now or later, keep in mind theme files and theme demo content are two separate steps. Bluehost will auto install your theme files, and then you will need to import the theme demo content in order to make your website mimic the ‘Live Preview’ you checked out earlier. You can do this from your WordPress dashboard, here is a great article on installing theme demo content. Your theme will also include detailed theme documentation that has step by step instructions on installing theme files and importing theme demo content. 

Talk to the Theme Seller for Extra Help

Need additional help or have questions before you purchase? You can contact the Seller of the theme directly by navigating to the theme item page, select ‘Support,’ and click the “Visit Support Forum’ button. Here you can contact the Seller about theme related questions, pre- or post-purchase. 

Happy Premium Theme Browsing!

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