Customer Spotlight: Mandate Press

We understand trading in the nine-to-five desk job for the chance to follow your passion is a difficult decision. Taking the plunge and running a small business based on that passion can be risky, but when it works out, life is much more enjoyable. Just ask Ben.
Ben Webster, originally a farmer from Idaho, is the innovative craftsman behind The Mandate Press, a modern letterpress operation based in Salt Lake City. He works on his 100-year-old presses with great care to create eclectic work that screams authenticity. What began as a hobby he learned in a class, letterpress has transformed into his livelihood. The small touches he adds to each product make the end result more than just a print he hands to his clients – it’s an experience.
We teamed up with Ben to help showcase his impressive work and make running The Mandate Press a little easier.With a website that properly reflects his business, people from around the globe can see and request his work – and they often do.
“I use Bluehost because they treat my website the same way I treat my machines. Now our work lives at the shop and our business lives online,” Ben said.
He can concentrate on his craft while we focus on boosting his business online. Together, we both follow our passions. Watch the video below to see Ben’s beautiful work in process and learn more about his design-driven letterpress.

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Bret Mortimer
Bret Mortimer | Contributor

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