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I write and curate content for Bluehost. I hope this blog post is helpful.
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We love our customers, and we’re not just saying that! Genuine customer service is one of our foundational principles here at Bluehost. We strive to do whatever we can to help our clients succeed. Typically we do this over the phone, but every so often we are lucky enough to meet a client in person to hear their amazing success stories first hand. 

We were recently at a conference in Florida explaining some of our services to potential clients. As luck would have it we also got to meet a lot of people who use and love Bluehost as much as we do. It was a blast. One great customer we had the opportunity to chat with was Sarah Metzger, a small business owner. It was exciting to learn more about Sarah, her endeavors, and what her experience has been like working with Bluehost.

Sarah is an online media professional and has been leveraging her experience to start a consulting practice. She is dedicated to helping businesses leverage today’s technologies and information outlets to successfully promote their vision. She provides small business owners with tools and guidance so they can successfully grow their online presence.

“I was overwhelmed with the prospect of building my own website for a Coronado Real Estate business I was re-launching with my partner. Building an engaging real estate website was a lot to manage on top of the day-to-day tasks. Bluehost made the entire process so much easier than I had expected and I am so glad I found them. I can’t recall how many countless nights I have been up at 2am on the phone with one of my friendly Bluehost contacts. I don’t personally know any of the Bluehost support team employees but I always get off a call feeling like I talked to an old friend.” – Sarah

She creates WordPress websites that are optimized with high-quality content designed to engage customers and helps her customers through a step-by-step process of defining their brand. How great is that? Go Sarah!

“I am hugely passionate about helping business owners. Bluehost has helped me help other grow their personal projects and businesses. I am eternally grateful.”  -Sarah

It’s such a treat to meet our customers and hear first hand how we were able to play a role in their success. So if you’re a Bluehost customer and you see us at a conference somewhere, we hope you’ll stop by and say hi. We’d love to meet you!

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