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Recapping WordCamp US 2023


August 24, 2023 - August 26, 2023    
All Day

The anticipation for the largest WordPress conference in the United States came to an end as WordCamp US 2023 unveiled its magic. The vibrant WordPress community united for the ultimate gathering of minds. WordCamp US stands as the premier WordPress event in the Western Hemisphere. Enthusiasts from around the world took part in this flagship event from August 24th to 26th, 2023.

The event was hosted at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland. This venue featured a stunning atrium with panoramic views of Alexandria, Virginia. Its proximity to Washington, D.C. made it perfect for exploring historical sites, museums, and exceptional dining, adding to the allure of the event.

From engaging workshops to enlightening keynotes, attendees immersed themselves in a wealth of knowledge and networking opportunities, leaving with fresh insights and renewed inspiration for their WordPress endeavors.

Delve into our blog below to read about everything the attendees experienced at this incredible event.

National Harbor WCUS 2023

What makes WordCamp a vital occasion for the WordPress community?

WordPress, a dynamic and open-source platform, thrives on the collective efforts of passionate enthusiasts who contribute to its development and growth. WordCamp serves as a catalyst for this collaborative spirit, uniting individuals who share a common love for WordPress. This gathering provides an avenue for exchanging insights, expertise, and experiences, fostering a vibrant community that actively contributes to the platform’s evolution.

Every year, chosen host cities across the globe host WordPress gatherings, providing curious and tech-savvy individuals with opportunities to learn and build connections. These communities showcase the collaborative drive behind the software’s advancement, spanning from creative content creators to committed Core software contributors.

The essence of the WordPress phenomenon thrives in its varied WordCamp communities. Annual flagship events occur across continents such as Asia, Europe, and North America, contributing to the ongoing growth of the platform.

Introducing GeorgiPuu: The enigmatic Wapuu of WordCamp US 2023

WCUS 2023 wapuuMeet GeorgiPuu, the chosen Wapuu representative of WordCamp US 2023. This captivating figure was observed gracing the lively Ferris wheel along the Potomac River in National Harbor, evoking the essence of the United States’ history for many years. It exudes a unique charm that resonates with the event’s spirit and significance. Its presence served as a delightful embodiment of the rich history and dynamic energy of WCUS.


Brief stats

  • Location: National Harbor, MD, USA
  • Duration: August 24 – 26, 2023
  • Registrations: 3,000+
  • Sessions: Over 30+ presentations
  • Workshops: 2
  • Organizers: 42
  • Sponsors: 70 (including micro-sponsors)
  • Speakers: 39

Bluehost at WordCamp 2023: Elevating connections and wisdom

At WordCamp US 2023, Bluehost proudly held the position of the Super Admin level sponsor. The event offered a splendid opportunity for us to rekindle connections with familiar faces while forging new ties with fellow WordPress enthusiasts, developers, designers, and users who share our fervor. It served as an invaluable forum for meaningful dialogues, insightful exchanges, and the absorption of wisdom from the collective WordPress community.

Bluehost booth at WCUS 2023

During the event, we set up a booth with Yoast, engaging actively in Contributors Day and welcoming both new and experienced contributors to our team. In this powerful collaboration, Bluehost and Yoast combined their efforts to deliver an unforgettable experience at WordCamp US. The event became a hub of camaraderie and shared learning, enabling participants to elevate their online presence to new heights. We felt a sense of accomplishment as we observed the event’s inspiration and influence. Supported by a dedicated team of 8 representatives, our participation was truly a resounding triumph.

Fun at Bluehost x Yoast booth at WCUS 2023

The atmosphere at the Bluehost booth was electric, buzzing with anticipation as we delved into the realm of WonderSuite experiences. Our dedicated team orchestrated a series of live demonstrations that captured the attention of attendees. With an eagerness to foster collaboration, we solicited their insights and opinions. This strong partnership is central to our strategy, aiming to create a feature that goes beyond user expectations. Our goal is to present it successfully, showcasing user-focused improvements.

At our booth, we had amazing goodies to offer – socks, stickers, and more! Visitors dropped by to learn all things WordPress and to grab one of these delightful takeaways!

Wonderful together socks at WCUS 2023

Capturing moments with postcard keepsakes

Amidst the whirlwind of excitement, we were dedicated to ensuring that your visit to WordCamp US became a treasure trove of unforgettable moments!

As attendees visited the Bluehost and Yoast booth, we invited them to seize the opportunity – to grab a postcard and immortalize their thoughts! Those cherished insights were meticulously collected and transformed into keepsakes. It was just one more way we showed our commitment to making your experience truly remarkable.

Empowering user experience: WonderSuite earns rave reviews

We’re thrilled to hear such positive feedback from the community! Witnessing the enthusiastic response to our new #WonderSuite experience is incredibly gratifying. The fact that it’s being hailed as “amazing” and deemed essential for every host is a testament to our dedication to creating impactful and user-centric features. Thank you for sharing your thoughts – your feedback fuels our commitment to innovation and excellence!


Unforgettable raffle experience at WordCamp US

Day 2 of the event just wouldn’t have been the same without us adding an extra layer of excitement by hosting an awesome raffle! The anticipation and energy the activity brought to the event was truly amazing to witness, as attendees were eager to see what incredible prizes awaited them. It’s moments like these that make WordCamp US truly unforgettable for us and underline our commitment to creating engaging and remarkable experiences for all.

Rekindling nostalgia with classic ‘Connect 4’

We invited everyone to visit our booth and give the iconic ‘Connect 4’ a shot! It was a chance to relive those cherished memories and put your skills to the test. Many attendees took on the challenge and showcased their prowess in this beloved game!

Sessions & keynotes that sparked our excitement

The sessions (also referred to as tracks) comprised a diverse range of speaker presentations and panels, spread out over the course of the day. Conversations and talks covering an extensive array of topics, including AI, marketing, web development, and accessibility, were frequently encountered.

Catch the live stream here:

Jonathan Desrosiers (Sr. software engineer, Bluehost), Hari Shanker, Tammy Lister & Femy Praseeth shared these insightful tips, providing a roadmap for effective and meaningful involvement in the WordPress ecosystem:

“Consistency and focus are paramount in WordPress contributions. Maintaining a regular presence while concentrating on a specific area can lead to significant progress. Starting small shouldn’t be underestimated – those initial steps often result in impactful engagement. Contributions not only enrich the community but also provide a fantastic learning opportunity. Encouraging participation, workplaces could dedicate a contribution day, and companies might explore providing financial aid for self-sponsored contributors.”

Insights from Aida Correa Jackson on empowering beginner creativity at WordCamps & meet-ups:

“Promoting creativity among beginners at WordCamps and meet-ups involves fostering an inclusive environment where diverse voices can openly express ideas. Providing quiet spaces for contemplation is crucial, as it allows for focused thinking and ideation. To expand the community, consider involving college attendees, infusing fresh perspectives into the WordPress realm.”

Michelle Schulp Hunt on how to use the tools in the Full Site Editor and what are the few obstacles one can face:

“To work smartly, build block patterns and styles that can be reused later. Block locking is another way where you can pre-populate with custom blocks. One can also use Custom UI for inserting things into the editor easily!”

J.J. Toothman presents valuable insights during his session titled “For all user kind: NASA web modernization and WordPress.”:

“WordPress is truly playing an important part in the digital transformation of the web. It was exciting to hear how NASA is using the block-based Gutenberg to build flexible, accessible and visually intensive websites!”

Reflecting on the enlightening keynote by Josepha Haden, we gain valuable insights into the evolving direction of WordPress:

“WordPress is redefining its codebase, striving for enhanced performance, user-friendliness, and learning accessibility. Moreover, the community is focused on elevating the value of meetups and events, fostering a secure and enriching environment.”

Her perspective unveils WordPress’s commitment to continuous growth and improvement, making it a dynamic and user-centric platform.

Gutenberg: Next with Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress:

During the closing presentation on the second day of WordCamp, he delved into the significant advancements that are on the horizon.

“The upcoming version 6.4 is eagerly awaited, bringing fresh features and enhancements. Gutenberg’s Phase 3 is set to revolutionize the platform by transforming it from a solitary tool into a collaborative masterpiece. A new Learning Management System (LMS) is also on the horizon, poised to unite various learning systems and elevate the quality of courses and content.”

In addition to the fantastic sessions and workshops, there were also engaging after-hour events to look forward to. These moments were perfect for reuniting with familiar faces and forging new connections.

WordPress Community Summit 2023: Uniting minds, igniting ideas

The Community Summit was an exclusive, in-person meetup, bringing together contributors from different realms of WordPress. This assembly provided a dedicated environment for collaborative dialogues spanning projects, united by the shared objective of advancing and enriching the project in every conceivable manner.

The discussions during the Community Summit centered around topics that fortified the wider WordPress open-source project or drove the efforts of contributor teams. These subjects particularly gained from targeted, in-person conversations that bridged diverse teams and viewpoints.

Bluehost and Yoast at Community Summit 2023

A focus on collaboration at Contributor’s Day

During this dedicated period, contributors from across the globe united in person to collaboratively contribute to the WordPress project. Imagine it as a fusion of a hackathon and a networking event, infusing a dynamic energy into the event.

Each contribution plays a role in powering a platform that serves more than 43% of the web. The main incentive for joining and giving your best was straightforward: without committed contributors like yourself, WordPress wouldn’t have achieved its current powerhouse status.

With our deep involvement in the WordPress community, WordCamps wouldn’t be fully satisfying without our participation in Contributor’s Day. Bluehost united to collaborate with all passionate

individuals in our mission to enrich WordPress. Our contributions nurtured camaraderie and support, shaping a more potent and accessible platform for global users.

The Power of Firsts: WordCamp tales

Watch as individuals share their captivating journeys and insights from their very first WordCamp encounters. From insightful learning to forging connections, discover the transformative impact of stepping into the vibrant world of WordCamps.

Farewell to WordCamp US 2023: Embracing unity, learning, and innovation together

While we awaited the liveliness of WordCamp US 2023, it’s important to recall that it wasn’t just an event; it was a gathering of the community, a platform for learning, and a hub of innovation and collaboration. A remarkable experience was guaranteed, as WordPress enthusiasts from around the globe converged to share ideas and evolve collectively. So, enthusiasm was packed, questions and ideas were loaded up, and everyone was set to dive into this immersive experience, merging learning and networking. Maryland awaited to extend a warm welcome!

Goodbye for the moment: Until our paths cross once again… 🙂

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