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WordCamp Ahmedabad 2023


December 9, 2023    
All Day

On December 9, 2023, WordCamp Ahmedabad took place, bringing together WordPress enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds for a day of insights and collaboration. 

WordCamp Ahmedabad offered a chance to connect beyond the digital realm of WordPress. Attendees shared experiences and built relationships, fostering a sense of community. 

Discover the essence of WordCamps 

WordCamps are gatherings that transcend the conventional boundaries of conferences. They are immersive experiences where individuals, regardless of their expertise, unite to share insights, learn from one another, and celebrate the incredible diversity within the WordPress ecosystem. 

These events are not just about the platform; they’re about building lasting connections. Attendees form friendships that extend beyond the realms of WordPress, creating a network of support and collaboration. The relationships created often become the foundation for future collaborations, projects, and shared endeavors. 

In essence, WordCamps are microcosms of the WordPress ethos—a celebration of community, diversity, and the collective passion for a platform that continues to shape the digital landscape. 

Brief stats  

  • Location: Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University 
  • Date: Dec 9th, 2023  
  • Attendees: over 1000+  
  • Sessions: Over 20 presentations  
  • Organizers: 22  
  • Sponsors: 38 
  • Speakers: 24 

Bluehost at WordCamp Ahmedabad 

Bluehost actively participated in WordCamp Ahmedabad as a platinum sponsor, contributing to the event’s collaborative spirit. At our shared booth with Yoast, we emphasized the #WonderfulTogether theme. 

We were excited to discuss our online store solutions, simplifying the online journey for businesses and individuals. Whether the attendees are new entrepreneurs or established businesses, we aimed to simplify their online journeys. The Bluehost and Yoast booth provided an opportunity to discover how we can help elevate their online presence. 

Yoast showcased the Premium Package, featuring AI-powered tools for generating titles and meta tags to improve SEO. This presented an opportunity for attendees to explore the world of SEO with industry-leading experts. 

WordCamp Ahmedabad wasn’t just a platform for learning; it was an opportunity to engage directly with industry experts. At the Bluehost and Yoast booth, our team members were eager to answer queries, provide insights, and guide attendees on their journey to online success. 

Our team at WordCamp Ahmedabad 

Nine of our dedicated team members were present at WordCamp Ahmedabad, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise:  

  • Arnav Chaudhary – Engineering Manager 
  • Amartya Gaur – Software Engineer
  • Vaibhav Srivasatava – Director, Marketing 
  • Pratik Jagdishwala – Director, Product Management 
  • Nathan Dmello – Associate Product Manager 
  • Shreya Bhardwaj – Senior Manager, Product Marketing 
  • Ritu Priya – Sr Specialist, Brand Marketing 
  • Partha Sarkar – Senior Sales Specialist 
  • Nikita Almeida – Associate, Sales 

#WonderfulTogether Swags & Raffle 

Now, let’s come to the best part: #WonderfulTogether Swags & Raffle. At our booth, we gave away cool sunglasses, and in collaboration with Yoast, we shared cool caps as a way of expressing gratitude to the wonderful WordPress community in Ahmedabad. 

To add to the fun, we hosted a raffle at our booth alongside Yoast. Visitors flocked to our booths, enthusiastically completing surveys and collecting raffle tickets.   

The excitement reached its peak as participants collected raffle tickets, unlocking the chance to win incredible prizes. With the opportunity to score an Apple watch (Series 9), Sony wireless headphones (WH-1000XM4), and Echo Dot (5th gen), the stakes were high! It was truly a #WonderfulTogether experience that left everyone buzzing with excitement. 

Victory unveiled: Here are the winners! 

Diverse lineup of sessions: A day packed with insights 

The keynote addresses delivered at WordCamp left attendees feeling energized and motivated. Renowned industry leaders graced the stage, sharing their invaluable insights, experiences, and visions for the future of WordPress. Their thought-provoking talks inspired attendees to push boundaries, foster innovation, and embark on an exciting journey with WordPress.  

Bluehost’s involvement went beyond the booth, as the team took the stage to deliver informative talks during the sessions. Committed to empowering WordPress enthusiasts, our team members shared insights on topics like mastering Gutenberg blocks, keyword research, and new innovative solutions propelling the WordPress ecosystem forward. 

Amartya Gaur, Software Engineer at Bluehost, spoke on Mastering Gutenberg Blocks: From Basics to Building Your Own. He spoke about learning the basics and complexities as well as creating and customizing content.  

Vaibhav Srivastava, Director of Marketing, Bluehost, and Nathan Dmello, Associate Product Manager, Bluehost, participated in the panel discussion, ‘Unleash WordPress Potential: Scalable, Secure, Growth-Driven Hosting.’ Their expertise emphasized the significance of hosting solutions in promoting scalability, security, and growth for WordPress, adding depth to the dialogue. They also discussed do’s and don’ts while selecting a provider and why choosing a secure web host is important.  

Chaya Oosterbroek, COO at Yoast, shared invaluable wisdom in her talk, “The Last Woman Standing: What Does It Mean to Be Acquired? 

“The heart of a successful company is a culture that uplifts its people.” 

Florie van Hummel, Director of Marketing at Yoast, and Taco Verdonschot, Head of Relations at Yoast, delivered an immersive workshop on keyword research. 

“Keyword research acts as the compass in SEO, steering your strategy toward content precision and impactful online visibility.” 

Bidding farewell to WordCamp Ahmedabad 

As the curtains draw on WordCamp Ahmedabad, the echoes of insightful sessions, engaging discussions, and the warmth of a vibrant community linger. We extend our gratitude to every participant, speaker, and organizer who contributed to making this event a remarkable experience.  

Remember, the WordPress journey doesn’t end here; it’s a continuous exploration. Stay connected, keep learning, and let’s continue to build wonderful things together. Until next time, thank you for being a part of WordCamp Ahmedabad 2023. See you in the exciting adventures that lie ahead in the world of WordPress! 💙

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