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WordCamp Asia 2024


March 7, 2024 - March 9, 2024    
All Day

WordCamp Asia 2024, held from March 7th to 9th, was an extraordinary gathering that brought together people who love and work with WordPress – from bloggers and developers to businesses and hobbyists. As the city buzzed with excitement, this event offered three days filled with opportunities to learn, share, and connect.  

Bluehost, alongside Yoast, was proud to support as the Jade Mountain sponsor, helping to make this event a place where everyone could find something valuable, whether they were there to pick up new skills, meet others in the community, or simply soak in the atmosphere of innovation and friendship. 

This brief look back at WordCamp Asia 2024 aims to share some of the highlights and the sense of community that made it a memorable experience for attendees. 

Understanding WordCamps

WordCamps are essential conferences that support the free and open-source WordPress platform, which powers over 43% of the web. These events are organized by volunteers and sanctioned by the Foundation, showcasing the communal spirit and collaborative effort of the WordPress community. Since 2006, over 1,145 WordCamps have been held in 382 cities across 65 countries.  

WordCamp Asia stands as one of the three flagship WordCamps globally, offering unparalleled opportunities for learning, networking, and business exploration. 

Brief stats  

  • Location: Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) 
  • Date: March 7th – 9th, 2024  
  • Attendees: 1300+  
  • Sessions: 50 
  • Speakers: 57 
  • Organizers: 46 
  • Sponsors: 39 

Contributor Day: More than just code 

The event kicked off with Contributor Day on March 7, 2024, where participants from various backgrounds contributed to WordPress in more ways than just coding. It was a day dedicated to making meaningful contributions to the platform. Participants had the freedom to join any team that resonated with their interests, including Accessibility, Community, Core/Core Performance, Documentation, Marketing, Meta, Design, Patterns, Photos, Plugins, Polyglots, Support, Themes, and Training. 

Bluehost was proud to be part of this enriching experience, contributing to the day’s success and celebrating the spirit of collaboration that WordPress embodies. We were delighted to support an initiative that not only showcased the variety of contributions that fuel WordPress but also highlighted the community’s strength and diversity. 

Our time at WordCamp Asia 

As the Jade Mountain sponsor, Bluehost was proud to contribute to the event’s spirit of collaboration. Partnering with Yoast, we hosted a shared booth, focusing on empowering attendees to succeed online. This was a unique opportunity to engage with the community, share insights, and learn from each other. 

Bluehost and Yoast: A partnership for success 

Our collaboration with Yoast at the event showcased our shared commitment to helping attendees enhance their online presence. Together, we provided insights into web hosting and SEO, helping users manage their websites more effectively. 

The event not only offered us a platform to showcase Bluehost Cloud but also allowed us to connect with the community at a deeper level. 

We concluded Day I with a memorable picture with Matt Mullenweg, CEO of Automattic and Co-founder of WordPress, alongside our team. Grateful for his insights, here’s to continued collaboration and growth.  

Engaging with the Community 

Our Day II experience at WordCamp Asia was nothing short of inspiring. We were immersed in a culture of innovation, collaboration, and shared passion for WordPress. The day was not just about learning; it was also about connecting. We enjoyed meeting many of you at our booth, discussing your needs, and exploring how Bluehost can support your online journey. 

Introducing Bluehost Cloud: a new era in WordPress hosting 

At WordCamp Asia, Bluehost proudly introduced our latest innovation: Bluehost Cloud Hosting. 

Bluehost Cloud is an all-in-one Managed WordPress platform built for lightning-fast page load times, with 100% server uptime backed by multi-regional fault tolerance that is scalable to the demands of you and your clients’ websites.  

Unlike other Managed WordPress providers who charge for traffic spikes or throttle resources as your site’s demands grow, Bluehost has partnered with WP Cloud to provide the world’s best Managed WordPress platform. Bluehost Cloud is built and supported by top-tier WordPress experts and powered by a redundant global server infrastructure. Bluehost Cloud delivers the unmatched power and speed you need to grow with confidence. 

Exclusive swag and raffles 

Our booth had fun activities and attendees had the chance to win fabulous prizes, including an iPad, AirPods Pro, and a DJI Mini drone. Visitors stopped by the booth for a chance to win! 

As attendees joined us, they had the opportunity to collect special pins – a fun way to track their participation and earn rewards. 

Here’s how it worked: By participating in the raffle and other activities, attendees could earn a pin. 

The activities involved viewing our product demo, where they experienced our products firsthand and learned about their latest features and benefits. Attendees earned another pin by engaging in our thrilling space race game, navigating a ball up a wall!   

Another activity to earn a pin was by sharing their thoughts through a survey. The last activity to earn a pin was to visit JetPack’s booth where they discovered how they could enhance their WordPress agency. 

To earn a raffle ticket, one had to collect at least 2 pins. To make things even more interesting, collecting at least 3 OR 4 pins earned an extra ticket, doubling chances in the raffle. 

We hope you enjoyed participating as much as we loved hosting them. 😊 

Victory unveiled: Here are the winners! 

Featured speaker sessions 

The following days were packed with sessions and workshops aimed at enriching WordPress knowledge. Topics ranged from optimization techniques to design and beyond, offering something valuable for everyone. The speakers, renowned experts in their fields, shared their knowledge, tips, and strategies to help attendees navigate the digital landscape.  

Catch the live stream here: 

WordCamp Asia 2024 – Plenary Hall – Day 1 

WordCamp Asia 2024 Plenary Hall – Day 2 

WordCamp Asia 2024 – Room 101B – Day 1 

WordCamp Asia 2024 – Room 101B – Day 2 

WordCamp Asia 2024 – Room 101C – Day 1 

WordCamp Asia 2024 – Room 101C – Day 2 

WordCamp Asia 2024 – Room 102 – Day 1 

WordCamp Asia 2024 – Room 102 – Day 2 

WordCamp Asia 2024: Matt Mullenweg Q&A 

The highlight of the event was Matt Mullenweg, who presented “An In-person Q&A with WordPress Co-Founder Matt Mullenweg.” Attendees had the opportunity to dive deep into the WordPress ecosystem with insights from one of its founders. 

Josepha Haden Chomphosy, Executive Director of the WordPress Project, presented “Converting walled gardens into community gardens,” exploring the transformation of closed ecosystems into open, collaborative spaces. 

Chaya Oosterbroek, COO of Yoast, offered insights into “From independence to integration: The journey of being acquired,” providing a look into the challenges and opportunities of transitioning from an independent entity to becoming part of a larger organization. 

Additionally, two of our team members spoke at the event: 

Jocelyn Hendrickson, Senior Product Manager of WordPress Commerce at Bluehost, presented “Intentional designing: Crafting purposeful digital experiences,” where attendees discovered the importance of deliberate design in creating meaningful online interactions. 

Jonathan Desrosiers, Senior Software Engineer at Bluehost, presented “Properly recognizing contributors in large open-source projects,” examining best practices for acknowledging the efforts of community contributors. 

A special thanks 

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined us in Taipei. Your energy and enthusiasm made WordCamp Asia 2024 a truly memorable experience. As we reflect on the event, we’re inspired by the passion and dedication of the WordPress community. Bluehost remains committed to supporting your online endeavours and contributing to the WordPress ecosystem. 

We cannot wait for another WordCamp (Europe, we are coming)! The Asia team announced the 2025 edition of WordCamp Asia which will be held in Manila, Philippines. 

Stay connected 

As we look to the future, we’re excited for more opportunities to connect, learn, and grow together. Keep following us for updates on future events and how Bluehost is innovating to support you better. 

Lastly, we cannot conclude without mentioning the outstanding performance delivered by our team member Devin Sears during the closing remarks. Devin’s captivating poem on stage was truly remarkable, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees. 

Thank you to everyone for making WordCamp Asia 2024 a success. We hope to see you in Torino for WordCamp Europe 2024, if not before! 💙 

  • Ritu Priya

    Ritu is a Senior Specialist of Brand Marketing at Bluehost. She aims to weave connections in the community by engaging with WordPress enthusiasts at WordCamps and other events. With several years of experience in this field, she is your WordPress cheerleader!

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