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WordCamp Atlanta 2023


October 14, 2023 - October 15, 2023    
All Day

WordCamp Atlanta 2023 took place from October 15th to 16th, 2023 at Kennesaw State University in Georgia. Hotlanta got even hotter with the exciting event!

The KSU campus, adorned with the hues of fall, offered a perfect backdrop for the event. The program featured enlightening speaker sessions and valuable learning experiences shared by community members.  Enthusiastic developers, designers, bloggers, and users alike gathered to celebrate their shared passion for WordPress and delve into a world of insights, innovation, and collaboration.

About WordCamp Atlanta

Atlanta, fondly known as “Hotlanta” to its locals, stands as the capital of Georgia. This dynamic city is a melting pot of culture, steeped in rich history, pulsating music, and a culinary scene that boasts delectable Southern delights.

WordCamp Atlanta

WordCamp Atlanta is a special event where people who use WordPress can meet up to learn and share. It’s like a big learning party! There were talks and workshops to help everyone get better at using WordPress. It was a great place to make new friends too! 😊🎉

Say hi to the Bluehost team👋

Bluehost had the opportunity to be the Diamond sponsor. We were eager to meet all attendees who came together to discuss our amazing community, tech trends, and the WordPress platform as we delved into the realm of our WonderSuite experiences. 


Our team provided expert advice, answered queries, and shared insights to empower WordPress enthusiasts. Engaging in insightful conversations, we navigated the intricate world of WordPress, ensuring everyone left with enhanced knowledge and excitement for their journeys. Our aim was to not only share our expertise but also to connect with fellow enthusiasts, establishing lasting relationships. We’re always here to support you on your path to WordPress excellence.

We had some amazing bags and card holders waiting for everyone. Attendees dropped by our booth and grabbed these cool Bluehost swags! Sporting these awesome items, everyone added a dash of Bluehost flair to the WordCamp experience.

Our team members who attended

  • Devin Sears: Sr. Field Marketing Manager
  • Evan Mullins: Sr. Software Engineer

Illuminating sessions at WordCamp Atlanta

The event served as an invaluable forum for meaningful dialogues, insightful exchanges, and the absorption of wisdom from the collective WordPress community. 🌟That’s why our excitement was palpable! 

Covering a range of subjects such as utilizing social platforms for agency growth, delving into the latest WordPress advancements, and integrating the metaverse, AI, and VR, the event provided a guiding map to the attendees to navigate the WordPress landscape. The sessions were crafted to cater to diverse interests and skill levels, making it a valuable experience for all.

Atlanta hosted a multitude of outstanding talks this year. It was a tough task to pick just a few to showcase, given the abundant variety:

Devin Sears (Sr. Field Marketing Manager, Bluehost), Josh Koenig, Karim Marucchi, Pat Ramsey shared these insightful tips, providing a roadmap for effective and meaningful involvement in the WordPress ecosystem:

“Adapting to the latest market shifts and embracing technological advancements illuminates the trajectory of the WordPress economy. As we navigate the waves of change, staying ahead of the curve is the key to charting a successful course in the WordPress Project.”

William Jackson on the blending of the metaverse, VR, AI, and WordPress:

“Technology is changing at a phenomenal rate. If you’re involved in any way with WordPress you can see the evolutionary process coming. We’re on the cusp of merging AI, VR, and the Metaverse with WordPress as these digital worlds blend and evolve.”

Aaron Reimann shares valuable insights on WordPress in education:

“WordPress features and customizations can solve key problems and provide strategic solutions that are scalable to content management teams.”

Michele Butcher-Jones on how onboarding clients does not have to take a miracle to get all the things:

“Establishing a well-structured system paves the way for seamless client onboarding, ensuring you gather all necessary information in advance. Anticipation and preparation serve as your best allies, simplifying your future tasks and enhancing efficiency.”

Farewell to WordCamp Atlanta 2023

WordCamp Atlanta was undoubtedly an incredible event! It wasn’t just an event; it was a gathering of the community, a platform for learning, and a hub of innovation and collaboration. 

We’d like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to all the hardworking organizers, volunteers, generous sponsors, and enthusiastic attendees who played crucial roles in making this event a reality. It was truly refreshing to experience a sense of normalcy.

Goodbye for the moment. Until our paths cross once again… 💙

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