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WordCamp Bengaluru 2023


July 29, 2023    
All Day

The momentous occasion in Bengaluru was held! The inaugural WordCamp was a resounding success, highlighting the captivating blend of tradition and innovation that defines this vibrant city. WordCamp Bengaluru radiated freshness and excitement, much like the timeless recipe of the famous filter coffee that Bengaluru is known for.

Attendees were enthralled by the diverse range of topics discussed and the inspiring speakers who shared their expertise. The WordCamp left a lasting impression, and attendees departed with a deeper appreciation for Bengaluru’s rich cultural heritage and its commitment to technological advancement. 

Unifying the WordPress community through knowledge and support 

WordCamp holds a profound significance within the WordPress community, being a pivotal and essential event that gathers WordPress enthusiasts, developers, designers, bloggers, and users from all around the world. It serves as a unifying platform where people can come together and celebrate their shared passion for WordPress. 

One of the primary reasons why WordCamp is highly regarded is its emphasis on knowledge sharing and learning. The event offers a diverse array of sessions, workshops, and presentations led by industry experts, providing attendees with valuable insights and skills to enhance their WordPress journey. 

The event saw:  

  • 376 Registrations  
  • 337 Attendees  
  • 23 sessions  
  • 48 sponsors  
  • 37 speakers  
  • Over 13 organizers + 27 volunteers! 

Bluehost took center stage at WordCamp Bengaluru! 

Bluehost proudly took on the role of a gold sponsor, showcasing our unwavering dedication to advancing the WordPress platform and supporting the community during the event. 

We were particularly excited to discuss how we could support eCommerce projects with attendees. Our team was on hand to address inquiries, provide guidance, and share valuable insights on building successful online stores using WordPress and WooCommerce. 

Yoast and Bluehost: Creating a #WonderfulTogether experience 

Bluehost and Yoast joined forces to deliver an unforgettable and #WonderfulTogether experience for all attendees. The event fostered a sense of camaraderie and shared learning, empowering everyone to take their online presence to new heights. We are proud to have been part of WordCamp Bengaluru, leaving us inspired. 

Unveiling the highlights and inspiring sessions 

Discover the event’s standout moments and detailed session notes, providing valuable takeaways. Join the journey of inspiration and knowledge. Three of our team members also got selected to speak at WordCamp Bengaluru. 

Watch the LIVE stream here:  

WordCamp Bengaluru 2023 – Track 1  

WordCamp Bengaluru 2023 – Track2  

WordCamp Bengaluru 2023 – Track3 

Shreya Bhardwaj: How to grow traffic to your WordPress website organically? 

A successful SEO centric content strategy is built around topics not keywords.

Nathan D’mello: Crafting effective Maintenance Services for your WordPress Clients 

Understanding your client’s needs and crafting your services and resources is an important 3-step framework to craft effective Maintenance Services for your WordPress Clients.

Arun Shenoy: Crafting Attractive Block Themes Using the Block Editor Alone 

One can leverage the editor’s capabilities to design visually stunning layouts, craft engaging content, create seamless user experiences and more.

The captivating history walk experience 

Attendees stepped into Bengaluru’s past by joining the captivating “Bengaluru History Walk” on the morning after the WordCamp. They explored ancient fortresses, medical institutions, and cultural sanctuaries that shaped the city’s vibrant character. 

history walk wordcamp bengaluru

Bluehost expresses gratitude to the WordPress community at WordCamp Bengaluru 2023 

As WordCamp Bengaluru 2023 concludes, we express our sincere gratitude to the amazing WordPress community. The event served as a catalyst, reigniting inspiration and collaboration within our community. Together, we forge the path ahead, shaping the future of WordPress for greatness. 


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