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WordCamp Europe 2024


June 13, 2024 - June 15, 2024    
All Day

We’re excited to share that Bluehost is on its way to Torino, Italy, for WordCamp Europe 2024. This event, a cornerstone for those in the open-source community, will take place from June 13 to 15, 2024, at the Lingotto Exhibition Centre. 

Torino, a city with a rich blend of history and contemporary culture, is hosting this year’s event. Often referred to as the ‘aristocratic old lady,’ Torino is a vibrant city where modern innovations meet historic charm. The cityscape is dotted with over 300km of lush, tree-lined avenues and parks, stretching all the way to the majestic Western Alps. 

WordCamp Europe 2024 is one of the largest WordCamps worldwide. It presents a wonderful opportunity to dive into the WordPress ecosystem, share ideas, and forge valuable connections within the community. 

Event schedule at a glance 

June 13, 2024 – Contributor Day:
Kick off the event with Contributor Day, a testament to the collaborative spirit of the WordPress community. It’s a day dedicated to contributing to the platform, learning, and sharing. 

June 14, 2024 – Conference Day 1:
The first day of the conference is packed with sessions and workshops aimed at enhancing your understanding of WordPress and expanding your skills. 

June 15, 2024 – Conference Day 2 & after party:
The learning continues the second day, a perfect occasion to relax, network, and celebrate the experiences of the past days. 

Understanding WordCamps 

WordCamps serve as critical conferences that foster the development and use of WordPress, the free and open-source platform that powers over 43% of the internet. Since the inaugural event in 2006, more than 1,145 WordCamps have taken place in 382 cities across 65 countries. 

Among these, WordCamp Europe is recognized as one of the three major flagship WordCamps internationally. It offers exceptional opportunities for attendees to engage in learning, networking, and exploring new business avenues within the WordPress ecosystem. 

Meet Wapuu: The official mascot  

Vespa Piaggio Wapuu

The Vespa Piaggio, an iconic Italian scooter first produced in 1946, played a pivotal role in Italy’s post-World War II economic recovery. It quickly became a symbol of freedom and mobility for many Italians, representing the essence of Italian style, design, and craftsmanship. The Vespa has been featured in numerous films, most notably “Roman Holiday” (“Vacanze Romane”), as well as in various art pieces and fashion spreads, cementing its status as an enduring cultural symbol. 


Cinquecento Wapuu

The Fiat 500, affectionately known as the “Cinquecento,” was launched in 1957 and became an emblem of Italy’s economic boom, providing accessible mobility to the general population. It signifies Italian ingenuity, creativity, and adaptability, mirroring the cultural impact of the Vespa. The 500’s distinctive design and charming character have endeared it to people both in Italy and internationally, making it another beloved icon of Italian culture. 

Contributor Day: More than just code 

Contributor Day is all about you—whether you’re a developer, designer, writer, or just a WordPress enthusiast. Your unique skills and dedication are crucial as we come together to continue shaping the future of WordPress. 

This special day is not only a celebration of the WordPress community’s spirit but also serves as the kickoff for WordCamp Europe, happening on June 13. It’s a full day dedicated to collaborating and contributing to the open-source WordPress project, offering everyone a chance to make an impact. 

Activities and how to get involved 

Technical Tasks: 

  • Test and report bugs in WordPress core software, themes, and plugins. 
  • Develop new features or bug fixes and submit your patches. 
  • Design or enhance a WordPress theme or plugin and share it with the community. 
  • Contribute to the WordPress mobile apps by improving code, UX, and testing. 

Non-Technical Tasks: 

  • Write or refine the WordPress documentation. 
  • Help translate WordPress into various languages, including documents, videos, and plugins. 
  • Support other users by participating in the WordPress forums. 
  • Develop training and instructional materials to help educators in the WordPress community. 
  • Promote WordPress by taking photos for the Openverse, curating content, or organizing community events. 

Hope you have already registered yourself for Contributor Day. See you there! 

Bluehost at WordCamp Europe  

As the Admin level sponsor, Bluehost is thrilled to enhance the community spirit of the event. We are joining forces with Yoast and YITH at our booth, uniting our efforts to help attendees thrive online. 

At our booth, attendees will be able to learn more about our latest offering Bluehost Cloud Hosting. This offering is a comprehensive Managed WordPress platform designed for exceptional speed and reliability, featuring lightning-fast page load times and 100% server uptime. With its capacity to handle increasing demands without additional charges for traffic spikes, Bluehost Cloud Hosting stands apart from other services. 

We’ve teamed up with WP Cloud to craft what we believe is the best Managed WordPress platform available. Supported by leading WordPress experts and powered by a global server network, Bluehost Cloud offers the stability and performance needed to expand your online presence confidently. 

So, visit us to discover how our new offerings can enhance your web hosting experience. Dive into web hosting, SEO, & eCommerce plugins with our team and our partners at Yoast and YITH. We will be there to provide actionable insights into managing your website effectively and boosting its visibility on search engines. You’ll gain hands-on experience and expert advice on optimizing both your site’s performance and its SEO strategy, ensuring your hosting and online eCommerce marketing efforts are as effective as possible. Plus, don’t miss out on our exclusive swags available at our booth! 

Meet our team 

Eight of our dedicated team members will be present at WordCamp Europe, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise. Here’s a sneak peek at our lineup:    

  • Kevin Walker, SVP Marketing 
  • Sandy Edwards, Sr. Marketing Manager 
  • Devin Sears, Sr. Field Marketing Manager 
  • Chris Vanover, Sr. Director, Product Management 
  • Jocelyn Hendrickson, Sr. Product Manager, WooCommerce 
  • Jonathan Desrosiers, Sr. Software Engineer 
  • Micah Wood, Engineering Manager 
  • Arun Shenoy, Software Engineer II 

Featured speaker sessions 

Add to your WordCamp Europe 2024 experience with a lineup of most insightful sessions. The speakers, renowned experts in their fields, are set to share their knowledge, tips, and strategies to help attendees navigate the digital landscape. From WordPress functionality to explorations of SEO best practices, these sessions are designed to provide valuable learning opportunities for all attendees. 

 Some of the sessions include:

Camille Cunningham and Florie van Hummel from Yoast will present “Keyword Research 101: Uncover Keywords for Digital Success.” This session will introduce the fundamentals of keyword research, helping attendees identify the keywords their audience is using to drive digital success. 

Adam Zieliński from Automattic will present “WordPress Playground – Use WordPress Without a Server,” discussing its potential effects on the future of WordPress. 

Tom Rhodes, also from Automattic, will explore “Replacing Regular Expressions with WordPress’ New Tag Manipulation APIs,” offering an introduction to these APIs along with practical examples for simplifying and stabilizing codebases. 

Jamie Marsland will host the “Gutenberg Speed Build Challenge: A Web Design Duel,” where participants will have 30 minutes to recreate a well-known website using only the WordPress Block Editor. 

Fernando Tellado from will discuss “Re-Humanizing the Web,” exploring whether a supportive environment with shared social values can rehumanize society or if we need to reconsider the values that underpin our creative and social efforts. 

Join us at WordCamp Europe 2024 

As we gear up for WordCamp Europe in the heart of Torino, we’re excited to meet attendees from all corners of the globe. Join us in Torino for three days of learning, innovation, and community building at WordCamp Europe 2024. We look forward to seeing you there and exploring the potential of WordPress together. 

This event promises to be a gathering of minds, ideas, and experiences that will surely enrich everyone involved. From insightful sessions to engaging activities, and the chance to explore the beautiful city of Torino, there’s something for everyone. We look forward to sharing these moments and making memories that will last a lifetime. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get your tickets today! See you there 💙 

  • Ritu Priya

    Ritu is a Senior Specialist of Brand Marketing at Bluehost. She aims to weave connections in the community by engaging with WordPress enthusiasts at WordCamps and other events. With several years of experience in this field, she is your WordPress cheerleader!

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