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WordCamp Mumbai 2023


October 28, 2023 - October 29, 2023    
All Day

WordCamp Mumbai 2023, held on the 28th and 29th of October, was a two-day celebration of all things WordPress. The event brought together WordPress enthusiasts, developers, designers, and experts from around the country, making it a true highlight for the WordPress community. We were thrilled to participate, as the event added a touch of innovation and inspiration to the vibrant atmosphere of Mumbai WordPress community. 

WordCamp Mumbai

Brief stats 

  • Location: Hotel Rangsharda,  
  • Duration: Oct 28-29th, 2023 
  • Attendees: over 400+ 
  • Sessions: Over 33 presentations 
  • Organizers: 10 
  • Sponsors: 19 
  • Speakers: 33

Why are WordCamps significant? 

WordCamps are like the melting pot of the WordPress community. They provide a unique platform for learning, sharing experiences, and connecting with fellow WordPress aficionados. It’s where ideas are born, knowledge is shared, and friendships are forged.  

At WordCamp Mumbai, you’ll have the opportunity to attend insightful sessions, participate in interactive workshops, and engage in discussions that can ignite your WordPress journey. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting your blogging adventure, there’s something for everyone. 😊 

Say hi to the Bluehost team 

Bluehost’s presence at WordCamp Mumbai 2023 was not only significant but also deeply insightful. As a Gold Sponsor, we were thrilled to witness this incredible WordPress community come together, and we are excited to see how this enthusiasm will continue to propel the WordPress ecosystem forward. 

Our booth at the event served as a hub for those in search of expert advice, guidance, and insightful conversations. Attendees had the opportunity to interact with the Bluehost team, who were more than willing to answer queries and share their vast experiences. These conversations navigated the intricate world of WordPress, ensuring that everyone left with enhanced knowledge and a renewed enthusiasm for their WordPress journey. 

We were particularly thrilled to discuss our eCommerce initiatives. Our team of experts stood ready to address inquiries, offer valuable guidance, and share insights on leveraging the power of WordPress and WooCommerce for successful online stores. 

In addition to this, our team talked about Managed WordPress hosting. With our expertise in this area, we guided attendees on the benefits and intricacies of optimizing their websites through our Managed WordPress hosting solutions. 

Attendees who dropped by the Bluehost booth were in for a treat. It was adorned with a wide array of goodies, including bottles, Bluehost stickers and #WonderfulTogether stickers that attendees eagerly grabbed as a token of their WordCamp experience.  

Bluehost team present at the event included:

  • Arnav Chaudhury: Engineering Manager 
  • Shreya Bharadwaj: Senior Manager, Product Marketing 
  • Arun Shenoy: Software Engineer 
  • Amartya Gaur – Software Engineer 
  • Siddhant Wadhwani: Project Lead, Software Development Engineer 
  • Ritu Priya – Sr. Specialist, Brand Marketing 
  • Chandan Mandal: Associate, Sales 
  • Jay Bhavsar: Associate, Sales 

Sessions at a glance

The sessions and workshops at WordCamp Mumbai were nothing short of enlightening. From in-depth explorations of the latest WordPress features to hands-on workshops delving into web development and design, there was a spectrum of topics catering to various levels of expertise. 

Bluehost’s engagement extended beyond the booth. The team also had the opportunity to deliver informative and enriching talks during the sessions. With a commitment to empowering WordPress enthusiasts, 3 of our team members shared insights on custom blocks, getting lightning speed websites, and new innovative solutions that are driving the WordPress ecosystem forward. 

Insights from Arun Shenoy, software engineer at Bluehost on mastering custom blocks in WordPress:

Customized blocks in WordPress Block Editor can enhance your website’s functionality, improve user experience, and give you the creative freedom to design content exactly as you envision it.

Arnav Chaudhary, Engineering Manager at Bluehost spoke on mastering the art of lightning-fast WordPress websites:

Mastering and understanding how to enhance page speed, optimize caching mechanisms, perform efficient database optimization, and regular maintenance is essential for benchmarking your website’s performance.

Amartya Gaur, Software Engineer at Bluehost, gave a comprehensive walk through on developing WordPress plugins with React and WP Rest:

WordPress plugin development with React JS and WP REST API enables developers to create dynamic and interactive plugins. By leveraging React for a modern user interface, integrating with WordPress via WP REST API for data exchange, and building powerful, customizable plugins, you can enhance user experiences.

Pooja Derashri from WPVibes, presented on making an impact through no-code contributions at WordPress:

WordPress is a remarkable open-source project, meticulously crafted by a thriving community. The beauty of contributing lies in its diverse avenues – from documentation and design to teaching and tending to bugs in Trac. It’s a world where you can make an impact without mastering code.

Akshaya Rane from WisdmLabs, talked about mastering project estimation rom idea to implementation:

Project estimation serves as the essential bridge between idea and execution. It involves both defining the project’s scope and budget in its initial phase and delving into the nitty-gritty details before work begins. It’s the roadmap to successful implementation.

Day II 

As Day II unfolded, Bluehost was more than a sponsor; it was a partner in the WordPress community’s journey, committed to empowering website owners. We were thrilled to be contributing to meaningful conversations and forging connections that continued.

The day was brimming with inspiring interactions, thought-provoking discussions, and valuable connections that we were delighted to be a part of. Our commitment to the WordPress community was unwavering, and it was evident in the meaningful conversations and lasting connections that flourished throughout the second day as well. 

Farewell to WordCamp Mumbai 2023 

WordCamp Mumbai 2023 was more than just an event; it became a hub for exchanging ideas, insights, and celebrating our collective passion for WordPress. Our primary objective was to enhance attendees’ experiences and contribute to the community’s growth. This event demonstrated the strength of collaboration and knowledge sharing that drives enthusiasts worldwide.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated organizers, tireless volunteers, generous sponsors, and the enthusiastic attendees whose collective efforts transformed this event from a vision into a remarkable reality.  

Goodbye for the moment. Until our paths cross once again… 💙 

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