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WordCamp Rochester 2023


September 30, 2023    
All Day

In the heart of Rochester’s tech scene, WordCamp 2023 unfolded as a lively event filled with a whirlwind of excitement, knowledge, and vibrant networking. The event provided an excellent platform for everyone to engage with like-minded enthusiasts, share valuable insights, and delve into the future of open source within the WordPress community. Let’s take a closer look at the wonderful experience Bluehost had at WordCamp Rochester 2023!

WordCamp Rochester 2023

WordCamp: Celebrating WordPress together

WordCamps are global gatherings designed for accessibility, promoting WordPress, blogging, and web excellence. 

These events are supported by WordPress, the renowned open-source platform that empowers individuals, groups, and businesses to create their own websites and blogs. was established in 2003 and is celebrated as the “world’s largest self-hosted blogging platform,” reaching millions of sites and daily visitors.

Brief stats

  • Location: Rochester School of the Arts in NY
  • Duration: Sep 30, 2023
  • Attendees: 150-200
  • Sessions: Over 15+ presentations
  • Organizers: 3
  • Sponsors: 13
  • Speakers: 17

Bluehost at WordCamp Rochester

As a proud High Falls Sponsor, Bluehost was dedicated to supporting the WordPress community and sharing its expertise with fellow enthusiasts. We had a booth at the event, giving us the opportunity to engage with the local community and our valued customers. 

Our Sr. Software Engineer, Jonathan Desrosiers had engaging conversations, shared laughter, and connected with inspiring individuals from the WordPress community. 

We were thrilled to introduce attendees to WonderSuite, a powerful tool that simplifies the creation of a distinct and personalized blog, website, or online store in minutes. The integrated features ensure smooth website creation and management, making it a game-changer for everyone.

Additionally, we were also delighted to offer attendees cool journals and pens, leaving them with a little piece of Bluehost to remember us by. 😊

Dual tracks & diverse voices at the event

The sessions covered a wide spectrum of topics, from mastering WordPress website design through AI to delving into latest WordPress features, and more. Speakers shared their expertise, unraveling the latest trends and best practices. Attendees had the opportunity to expand their knowledge, enrich their skills, and connect with like-minded individuals passionate about WordPress. 

Jonathan Desrosiers, enthralled the audience with insights into Flexible WordPress: How to use action and filter hooks. 

Action and Filter hooks can be used to execute additional code or modify values at specific points in the lifecycle of a request in a safe and future proof way, preventing a number of headaches down the road, thus enhancing various aspects of projects, plugins, and themes.

Jonathan also stood as a distinguished panelist, shedding light on the future of Open Source: The Community and its profound significance for the WordPress community. His insights and contributions enriched a stimulating discussion, sparking ideas and perspectives for the future of this amazing community.


This year’ keynote speaker, Nyasha Green, gave a talk on Charity begins at home, why communities are stronger together.

She eloquently stated how the WordPress community thrives by welcoming people from all around the world. She stressed the importance of compassion, open communication, and making everyone feel at home. Just like the saying “charity begins at home,” a community’s strength starts from within, emphasizing the value of inclusivity and care for its members.

Farewell to WordCamp Rochester 2023

WordCamp Rochester 2023 was indeed a successful celebration of WordPress, and we can’t wait for more such incredible experiences in the WordPress community. A big shoutout to all the organizers and attendees for making this event unforgettable! 

Goodbye for the moment: Until next time, Rochester! 🌟

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