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WordCamp Udaipur 2023


December 2, 2023    
All Day

The curtain has fallen on WordCamp Udaipur 2023 that unfolded against the enchanting backdrop of the P.P. Singhal Auditorium, nestled within the UCCI Bhawan in Udaipur. This event served as a celebration of WordPress, offering a space for enthusiasts to connect, learn, and share their experiences. 

WordCamp Udaipur 2023 aimed to unite a diverse community of bloggers, developers, users, business owners, entrepreneurs, and WordPress enthusiasts from Udaipur and across India. This inclusive event catered to individuals at every level of expertise, fostering a fantastic platform for meaningful knowledge exchange and networking opportunities. 

Welcome to WordCamp Udaipur

Brief stats  

  • Location: P.P. Singhal Auditorium, UCCI Bhawan 
  • Duration: Dec 2nd, 2023  
  • Attendees: over 300+  
  • Sessions: Over 21 presentations  
  • Organizers: 10  
  • Sponsors: 34  
  • Speakers: 24 

The essence of WordCamps discovered 

WordCamps are more than just conferences; they are vibrant gatherings of WordPress users, developers, and enthusiasts. Attendees get the chance to dive into various sessions, workshops, and discussions, gaining insights and expanding their knowledge of this versatile platform.  

The sense of community is palpable at WordCamps, fostering networking opportunities and collaborations that go beyond the event itself. The shared passion for WordPress creates an environment where everyone, regardless of expertise, can find valuable takeaways. 

Meet Wapuu Saa  

WC Udaipur Wapuu


Wapuu Saa, the lively mascot of WordCamp Udaipur 2023, perfectly captured the dynamic energy and sense of community at this lively WordPress gathering. With its cheerful personality and friendly demeanor, Wapuu Saa encouraged attendees to participate, connect, and join in the shared passion for WordPress. 


Bluehost at WordCamp Udaipur 

Bluehost proudly served as a Lake Jai Samand (Gold) Sponsor at WordCamp Udaipur. The team was excited to contribute to the event’s success and engage with the WordPress community. Our booth became a hub of activity, providing a space for attendees to interact with the team, learn about our solutions, and explore how we can elevate their WordPress experience. 

Bluehost booth at WC Udaipur 

Our focus at WordCamp Udaipur extended to supporting eCommerce initiatives and promoting the benefits of managed WordPress hosting. We aimed to simplify the online journey for businesses, developers and bloggers, ensuring a smooth and reliable experience. 

Now, let’s come to the best part: attendees had the opportunity to receive exclusive Bluehost swags, including stickers, bottles, and more. The swag corner at the Bluehost booth not only offered cool goodies but also provided a place to connect with the team, share experiences, and learn more about what Bluehost has to offer. 😊 

Our team at WordCamp Udaipur 

Bluehost team present at the event included: 

  • Arnav Chaudhary – Engineering Manager  
  • Shreya Bhardwaj – Senior Manager – Product Marketing  
  • Nathan Dmello – Associate Product Management  
  • Diwanshu Joshi – Project Lead  
  • Aakanksha Kumari – Associate – Sales

Diverse lineup of sessions: WordPress and beyond 

WordCamp Udaipur featured a diverse lineup of sessions covering various aspects of WordPress, from development tips to content creation strategies. Attendees experienced a rich learning environment that accommodated all levels of expertise. 

The sessions covered everything from basic to advanced WordPress topics, diving into how WordPress connects with the wider digital world. Experts shared insights that went beyond the usual WordPress talk, giving attendees a full picture of the digital world and its trends. 

Bluehost’s engagement extended beyond the booth. We also had the opportunity to deliver informative and enriching talks during the sessions. With a commitment to empowering WordPress enthusiasts, our team member Arnav Chaudhary shared valuable insights on unlocking the power of analytics on WordPress: From Data to Action: 

“The right understanding of web analytics can empower your website and drive the right decisions.” 

Rahul D Sarker gave an insightful session on Redefining Web Success: Unleashing AI and Programmatic SEO in WordPress: 

“AI and Programmatic SEO are reshaping WordPress content creation, elevating efficiency, engagement, and online visibility to gain a competitive edge in the digital world.” 

Akshita Agrawal spoke on Legality of Modularity: Navigating Legal Aspects of WordPress Plugins: 

“In the era of increase in data privacy concerns, it is essential to understand the intersection of plugins and data protection laws, such as DPDPA, and GDPR, as plugins play a major role in collecting and processing the user data.” 

Puneet Sahalot Memorial Scholarship  

As part of their commitment to the community, WordCamp Udaipur announced the Puneet Sahalot Memorial Scholarship, dedicated to honoring his memory. This scholarship program supported WordPress enthusiasts who faced financial constraints, providing them with 2 full-fledged event tickets. 

Farewell to WordCamp Udaipur 2023  

Bluehost eagerly participated in WordCamp Udaipur 2023, connecting with the WordPress community, sharing expertise, and contributing to a collaborative learning environment. The event served as an opportunity for everyone to immerse themselves in interactive workshops, network with top experts, and celebrate the spirit of knowledge exchange and community building. As the curtains closed on WordCamp Udaipur 2023, participants left with enriched experiences and a sense of community within the vibrant world of WordPress. 💙 

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