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Fonts are one of the most fundamental elements of design and using fonts effectively is one of the key secrets to creating a great website. After all, your font choices say a lot of about you and the message you are communicating. Just like pictures and video, fonts themselves send a visual message and they affect how information is presented to your visitor. So it’s worth putting some thought behind the fonts you decide to use.
Integrating great fonts into a website was not always easy. For a long time, technological constraints allowed mostly only limited options (Arial, Times Roman, Helvetica, etc.), making it difficult to compellingly present information. Thankfully this is no longer the case! Great font tools such as TypeKit, FontDeck, and Google Fonts now make it easy to use gorgeous fonts in websites. And with a WordPress plugin, you to can enable beautiful fonts on your WordPress site in seconds to make it truly stand out.
There are several plugins you can choose from to leverage beautiful fonts in your website, but after a lot of research we have decided to recommend these two: WP Google Fonts and Font Meister. Both easy to use, feature a wide variety of fonts to choose from, and allow for significant customization.
WP Google Fonts
This plugin is very easy to use and simple to install, making it perfect for a beginner. WP Google Fonts is installed with all the necessary code to help you change font headings, block quotes, paragraphs, and lists.  It also gives you the ability to assign the Google fonts to specific CSS elements of your website. WP Google Fonts also comes installed with over 390 different fonts, and selection is steadily growing. Easy plugin updates make it simple to start using new fonts as they become available.

Similar to WP Google Fonts, Font Meister comes with ability to use Google Web Fonts. But what makes Font Meister unique is it’s ability to collect fonts from other platforms such as Typekit and FontDeck. This gives you the ability to utilize a broader range of fonts and even purchase specific fonts. FontMeister is also working to integrate leading font services, such as and Font Squirrel. And you can add your own selectors to the fonts and the plugin will include them on your site.

Don’t let a limited font selection restrict you from having unique typography on your site. Utilize one of these great plugins and enhance up your website, blog, and/or brand with these multiple font options. You can always search for alternative font plugins at or through the backend of WordPress site in the plugins section. Happy fonting!


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