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For some first time WordPress users, starting a new website can seem difficult and a little frustrating at times. That’s why for all new WordPress installs on, customers will be given a walkthrough option using the new interactive tool called Sidekick! Now it’s easier than ever to get your new website up and running.
Sidekick is an interactive tutorial plugin that allows you to navigate through WordPress like a walkthrough. Sidekick can be activated by clicking the “Help Me” button in the bottom left hand corner of your WordPress Dashboard.

From here you can choose the task or objective you need extra help on.  The walkthrough will then begin to point you in the right direction in your dashboard.

how does it work?

Sidekick is designed to make building a website easier and less stressful for new, or even experienced, users starting a new website. Sidekick creates visual cues with an on-screen prompt that shows an animated cursor guiding you where to click to accomplish your objective. Along with the guided tour, Sidekick has programed voice narration or subtitles to educate the user on the task at hand.
Three Types of Walkthroughs

  • Overview – Guided tours through complex administration screens.
  • Hotspots – Toggle to explain on-screen features in more detail.
  • How-To – Help users complete tasks step-by-step.


Walkthroughs offer the experience and benefits of a hands-on training session, built into a tool that can be used practically anywhere.

Step-By-Step Guidance

With a video and written documentation,  Sidekick makes it easy for users to follow their voice and on-screen prompts. With the walkthrough sequences you will be participating and not just watching, making it easier for the user to remember and apply the training for the next time the user has the same task to complete.  What’s great about the step-by-step guidance is users can learn at their own pace.
Some of the guided walkthroughs include:

  • Add a link to a post
  • Create a new page
  • Quick edit a page
  • Rename a category
  • Create a tag
  • Add/remove tags in a post
  • Edit media
  • Shortcut links

Sidekick is available on all WordPress downloads on your Bluehost WordPress hosting account starting in October 2014. Now is the perfect time to start that new project without going it alone!

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