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Last week, Bluehost was a Pillar sponsor for WordCamp in Salt Lake City. Bluehost WordPress developers Mike Hansen and Bryan Petty presented at the conference. Couldn’t make it? Don’t worry – we’ve posted their presentations below so you don’t have to miss out on great information.  Videos of the presentations will be made available in a few weeks, so check back for the updated post, videos included.

Mike Hansen, “Theme Hook Alliance – Benefits For Users and Developers.”

In Mike’s presentation, he introduced the basic structure of the theme hook alliance model and explained why it is good for both users and developers, and why a third party option is the best option for this type of standard. He also talked about data loss/inaccessibility due to features built into themes that become lost after a theme switch and how the theme hook alliance can help make plugins more theme agnostic. See his slideshow here:

Bryan Petty, “Finding the Perfect Themes and Plugins.”

With over 30,000 plugins and over 5,000 themes out there in the wild west of the Internet, it can be an intimidating job finding just the right ones for your WordPress sites. In Bryan’s presentation, he covered all of the best techniques for finding quality plugins and themes that you can trust, and what you can to do to avoid messy upgrades. See his slideshow here:

Thanks to WordCamp for a great day of WordPress tips and information sharing. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google + to find out when the presentation videos are available.

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