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We are excited to announce our first virtual event to recognize and celebrate excellence in the WordPress community. If you are a WordPress creator, this event is for you! We are bringing together WordPress experts under one roof to help business owners, bloggers, students, and other creators succeed online with WordPress. 

What is WP CreatorCon?

WP CreatorCon is a FREE virtual event curated by Bluehost to bring together all WordPress creators around the world. It’s an event that will culminate the Bluehost Creators Awards. It seeks to deepen the connections between the creators and the community, and continues to recognize the talent and effort of business owners/bloggers and creative professionals. 

We launched the Bluehost Creators Awards in June 2022 and have seen a tremendous response to the contest. Bloggers, students, web designers, developers, business owners, and more have submitted wonderful creations, which are being evaluated by our Jury. The awards have created a platform that encourages all WordPress creators to submit their best work. So, it makes sense to bring them together at WP CreatorCon and announce the winners, along with hearing from experts within the WordPress space. 

What to expect at WP CreatorCon 

We are hosting a 4-hour event with the underlying theme of ‘Excellence with WordPress’. We have curated a list of relevant and helpful topics with WordPress experts, which also includes Panel discussions and fireside chats.  

Agenda for the day:


Speakers at WP CreatorCon

How to attend 

Registrations are now open on the Bluehost Creators Awards page and will continue till the event day on 12th January 2023. The event will commence at 10:00 am EST and end at 2:00 pm EST.  

Join fellow WordPress Creators today!

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